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Memoria d’Utopie (Memory of Utopias) at Goethe Institut – Rome

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Jun , 27
Memoria d’Utopie (Memory of Utopias) at Goethe Institut – Rome

Festival ArteScienza

Goethe Institut Auditorium, Via Savoia 15

Alessandro Cipriani, Giulio Latini, Alessandro Sbordoni


Friday 5 July, 8 pm
Screening in surround 5.1




Projection of the audiovisual work Memoria d’Utopie on three channels and in 5.1 surround
based on a text by the philosopher Alberto Gianquinto (in memory).
Giulio Latini – video
Alessandro Cipriani and Alessandro Sbordoni – music
Alessandro Cipriani – sound design and spatialization
Roberto Herlitzka and Virginia Guidi – Recorded reciting voices

Memoria d’utopie constitutes a ‘posthumous’ homage to Alberto Gianquinto, philosopher and poet. It takes up at least in part the text that Gianquinto prepared for one of our multimedia works from 1997, Terre dell’utopia, of which it represents a ‘memory’. Hence the title. Some recorded acoustic sounds that echoed in the room of the Roman Aquarium on the evening of Friday 5 December 1997 between 9 pm and 11.30 pm have been electronically reworked, spatialized in surround, and integrated with sounds borrowed from reality, for the creation of a completely new electroacoustic form with a multi-channel video. It is an intermedial work in which text, video, music, and sound design combine to create a complex audiovisual form. However, the work preserves and indeed re-proposes the desire, perhaps cosmically utopian, to go beyond any philosophy or religion, beyond any optimism or pessimism, at least in the cariological moment in which one finds oneself living the experience of utopia, which is projected towards the future while making an image in and of memory.


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