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Luigi Ceccarelli


Regium Lepidi Revisere – Remix on CD

Regium Lepidi Revisere
of Regium Lepidi  from the cd Aemilia by Iran
(Nazim Comunale, Andrea Silvestri, Rodolfo Villani)

in the cd: Iran : Persis / Remixed Aemilia
published by Aagoo Records

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the cd contains
1  Sohan (Qom remixed by Ongon)
2. 0h My Blast Metallurg Remix (Magnitogorsk remixed by Vonnneumann
3  ‘rekwèam (Magnitogorsk remixed by Elio Martusciello)
4  Xenopolis rmx (Simone Lalli)
5  Regium Lepidi Revisere (Luigi Ceccarelli)
6  Acanthus (Cuma remixed by Cristian Maddalena)
7  Aral (Remixed by Claudio Rocchetti)
8. Bam, la frana (Bam remixed by Roberto Fega)

Listening to music is allowed as long as it is not for personal enjoyment.   (ayatollah Komeini)

Making music is translating what cannot be written, saying the unspeakable. “Persis” is the new album by Iran: starting from the seven tracks of “Aemilia”, published by Aagoo Records in 2020, eight musicians among the most representative of the Italian electronic / avant scene (with the honor of having on board, among others, prestigious and legendary names such as Luigi Ceccarelli and Elio Martusciello, composers and teachers of electronic music at the conservatory) have imagined new journeys, simply going elsewhere (each track in“Aemila” has the name of a different town), often very far from where the the tracks’ original versions led.


….Luigi Ceccarelli opens the bowels of Regium Lepidi like an electroacoustic pathologist…
Valerio Magrelli on Bandcamp

…. Another gem is the overwhelming electroacoustic spiral conceived by Luigi Ceccarelli to transform “Regium Lepidi” into a sonic tower of Babel that can be perfectly matched to the magnificent cover graphics created by Marco Appiotti, an enigmatic geometry in its appearance but fully revealing to a glance. careful….
Peppe Trotta, Ondarock 10/12/2021

…. Luigi Ceccarelli bites “Regium Lepidi” and tears it to shreds, lingering over the struggle of the prey, the representation of a wonderfully out of control scene ….
Angelo Borelli, the New Noise 11/27/21

Psychedelia without consolation but only for broken hearts.
….. Tense, frozen, fragile and sharp in the results, this is a record as beautiful as it is dangerous to handle: it can teach that freedom of action is an uncountable risk, not a consolation …..
Guido Festinese, Il Manifesto 12/8/2021

Mastered by Cristian Maddalena.
All songs by Iran. ‘Emilia was played by Nazim Comunale, Andrea Silvestri, Rodolfo Villani, with Alessandro Cartolari on Qom and Francesco Massaro on Regium Lepidi.
You can find the original versions of this music on ‘Emilio (Aagoo Records, 2020). Pics: Adriano Zanni, Chiara Bonacci and Nicola Marchionna. Ddesign and latin square kufic artworks: Marco Appiotti — iranband.bandcamp.com / ayatollahcore@gmail.com