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Luigi Ceccarelli


Esercizi di Patologia [1997]

20 stories for reciting voice and electronics
on texts by Valerio Magrelli

Giovanna Mori on stage
mise en espace Gianfranco Lucchino
video Massimo di Felice

20 stories for three reciting voices with electronic processing, sampled sounds, video and multivision projections.
on texts by Valerio Magrelli
taken from “The travels in your pocket” by Luigi Ceccarelli and Valerio Magrelli

staged Gianfranco Lucchino
video Massimo di Felice
total duration: 110 ‘
reciting voice Giovanna Mori

Edipan edition, “Escorial” author property
commissioned by: Rai RadioTre, Ferrara “Aterforum” Festival
representation: Ferrara, Aterforum Festival, Teatro Comunale – 21 September 1996


1 – Camogli, il giorno dopo
2 – Gesù Cristo a Bruxelles
3 – Escorial
4 – Giacometti su Aldebaran
5 – Uno Sguardo dal Giordano
6 – Torontontario
7 – Padova Tace
8 – Palermo Patata
9 – Pozzo di Kola
10 – Roba USA
11 – India
12 – Acquisti in Autostrada
13 – Il Biodome di Montreal
14 – Neanderthal
15 – Roma nel Vento
16 – Atlanta, un Ciclorama
17 – Roma Urla
18 – San Pietro a Montreal
19 – Verso Brocelandia
20 – In Terra Santa


The text

The main theme of these texts is the journey. If some of these trips may initially seem like real tourist itineraries, the viewer ends up each time getting involved in a complex, sometimes disturbing journey.
In reality it takes its cue from travel experiences to tell an exploration of mental places. Here then appear not only geographical spaces, travels and portraits of artists, but also private confessions and quarrels, diseases and epiphanies, as so many guiding lines.

CD – “Esercizi di Patologia”
attached to the book by Valerio Magrelli
“il violino di Frankenstein”, written about music
“Le Lettere” publishing house, Florence
duration: 1h 50
available in bookstore –

The music

In creating the music, Luigi Ceccarelli worked particularly on the integration of text and music, using the voice as a musical element without compromising the intelligibility of the text.
The elaboration of timbre and rhythm create an additional emotional dimension along the thread of the story.
The musical elements used range from sounds of instruments belonging to different musical genres to natural sounds, to metropolitan sounds.

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