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Luigi Ceccarelli


In Die Resurrectionis [1999]

electroacoustic installation
for the San Vitale Basilic in Ravenna

inspired by the sacred musical tradition of Ravenna of the twelfth century

mise en espace by Gianfranco Lucchino

1° Prize of the Hungarian Radio for Electroacoustic Music EAR 99
selection IREM/CIM-Unesco 2002, Copenhagen

duration 30′
commission Ravenna Festival

mise en espace by Gianfranco Lucchino
sound production Edison Studio – Roma
surround diffusion 8.1

choir “Sorores” diretcted by Kim Eun Ju
solos Giacomo Baroffio and Kim Eun Ju
choir: Laura Calella, Chen Li-Chou, Maria Incoronata Colantuono, Giulia Gabrielli; Maria Lucia Inguscio, Kim Eun Ju, Kitti Messina, Beatrice Mighele, Michela Napolitano, Leandra Scappaticci.

texts of the Easter liturgy
I – Pascha Nostrum
II – In Die Resurrectionis
III – Vidi Aquam

installations of In Die Resurrectionis
July 7-13,  2000 – Ravenna, Basilica di San Vitale, Ravenna Festival
December 24, 2002 – Roma, Accademia Americana di Roma – Festival di Nuova Consonanza.
May 16, 2015 – Bari, Cittadella Mediterranea della Scienza, Festival Silence 2015

In Die Resurrectionis it takes its cue from various fragments of Gregorian chant of the twelfth century which are found in the Ravenna library and which were part of the Ravenna Christian liturgy of that period. The fragments used in this work are in particular a communio tropato from the Easter mass and two “ad processionem” antiphons.

“In Die Resurrectionis” was commissioned by the Ravenna Festival as an installation for the Ravenna Basilica of San Vitale and includes, in addition to the sounds, a visual part created by Gianfranco Lucchino. §The great reverberation typical of Christian churches, which in San Vitale is even more particular, being the church with an octagonal plan with a large women’s

gallery, provided the basis for the conception of electroacoustic sound.
The work in the laboratory involved a continuous comparison with the effect of the real environment, and the final mixing of the piece on eight tracks was carried out in the basilica.

Compact Disc: Rai Trade RTC006
Exsultet – gregorian chamt and electroacoustic music
contains In Die Resurrectionis e Exsultet
performers Giacomo Baroffio, Kim Eun Ju, Kantores 96, Sorores
total duration 48′ 35″
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