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Luigi Ceccarelli


Spatium-Teca [1982]

performance for movement, space and sound

choreography and design Lucia Latour
music Luigi Ceccarelli, Marcello Federici double-bass

performance for movement, space and sound

project Lucia Latour, Luigi Ceccarelli, Marcello Federici

double bass – Marcello Federici
live electronics – Tonino Battista e Nicola Sani
sound direction – Luigi Ceccarelli
dancers-  Gloria Mujica, Francesca Sestili, Monica Vannucchi, Mara Camelin
with the collaboration of Ezio di Monte, irina Harris

duration 60′
commission – Festival International de Musique Electroacoustique – Bourges

photos by Romano Martinis

June 12, 1982 – Bourges, Festival International de Musique Electroacoustique
Sept 21, 22, 23, 1983 – Roma, Teatro-circo Spazio Zero, A Corpo Libero

Spatium theca is based on a cataloging of complex situations consisting of the relations of spatial, movement and sound elements.
These three elements organize themselves into “events”, never letting one code prevail over the other.
The general structure of the show is therefore a collection (teca) of these “space-motion-sound events and their ways of following one another in theatrical time.
The events are: Bougumille, Compressed structure, Sound plane, Sound wall, Frame. The construction and destruction of these spatial situations is determined by the movement of the dancers, by the recorded and live sound, by the continuously constructed and destroyed space.

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