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Luigi Ceccarelli


Tre Soli Italiani [2001]

Music for 3 dance solos
for clarinet, live electronics and computer processed sounds

choreography by Monica Francia, Antonio Montanile, Francesco Scavetta
performer: Paolo Ravaglia, clarinet

Music for 3 dance solos
for clarinet, live electronics and computer processed sounds

choreography by Monica Francia
duration: 17′
choreography by Antonio Montanile
duration: 20′
choreography by Francesco Scavetta
duration: 30′

clarinet – Paolo Ravaglia
dancers Monica Francia, Francesco Scavetta, Antonio Montanile

Commission: Biennale di Venezia, music and dance departments
1st performance: Venice, La Biennale, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove 15/06/01

Three choreographers for a single musician and a single theme: the relationship between real time and virtual time.

With “REGINA” Monica Francia explores the time of performance as a moment in which the dancer reveals his essence in a sacrificial and ritual space. This suspended dance treasures a movement open to improvisation, a method also embraced by composer Luigi Ceccarelli, both in electronic computer processing without the use of pre-recorded tapes and in the accompaniment of Paolo Ravaglia’s clarinet.

“QUDUO ‘” by Antonio Montanile is instead inspired by Pascal to dance man’s tension towards the time to come, with a solo in three parts accompanied by three musical moments respectively for percussion, clarinet and mechanical clocks.

From the image of a body clinging to a sink in Francis Bacon’s “Figure standing at a washbasin” finally comes the creation of Francesco Scavetta: “LIVE *”, a solo in which dance has a game of fragile balances, always at risk of fall, a flirtation between everyday time and that of unreality on an irregular score, in which Ravaglia exploits the sounds of a reconstructed instrument by assembling parts of different clarinets.

CD – Nuove Creazioni per la Biennale
Live* (part I & II) for prepared clarinets and clarinets sounds
duration:3’45” + 3′ 53″
Quduò (part I & II) for clarinet, percussions and mechanical clocks
duration:6’01” + 3′ 18″
perfomer: Paolo Ravaglia – clarinets
Compact Disc La Biennale di Venezia

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