Announcement of the Sounds of Silences 2019 Finalists


A competition of Musical Composition for the Moving Image


The Edison Studio collective, with the support of the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE) for the project SIAE – Classics of Today, and with the collaboration of the Romaeuropa Festival 2019 and the support of the Cineteca di Bologna (Film Archive of Bologna), announces the results of Sounds of Silences 2019 – International Competition of Musical Composition for the Moving Image.

67 participants from 10 countries submitted their compositions to the “Sounds of Silences 2019”.

An international jury consisting by Simon Atkinson (composer and lecturer at Media School, DMU University Leicester, U.K.), Valentino Catricalà (curator and contemporary art critic – director of the Art section of Maker Faire – European Edition), Giulio Colangelo (composer, professor of Electroacoustic Music at the Conservatory of Lecce – artistic co-director of MAIN Matera Intermedia Festival), Francesco Giomi (composer, director of Tempo Reale-Center for Research, Production and Music Education, Florence and professor of Electroacoustic Composition at Conservatory of Bologna), Giulio Latini (audiovisual and film historian, professor of Multimedia Communication at University of Rome 2, Tor Vergata), Elio Martusciello (composer, professor of Electroacoustic Composition at Conservatory of Naples), Paolo Pachini (composer. video-artist and professor of Audiovisual Composition at Conservatory of Trieste), Michele Tadini (composer, coordinator at Irmus-Institute of Music Research, Milan, professor of composition and music informatics at Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon), Barry Truax (composer and professor at Simon Fraser University Vancouver, Canada), Roberta Vacca (composer, professor at Conservatory of L’Aquila) have selected three finalists among the entrants, who will be invited to create a soundtrack for a medium-length movie from the silent films chosen by Edison Studio in collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna. That original soundtrack must be completed and sent to the organizers by October 20th, 2019.

We send our congratulations to the four finalists of “Sounds of Silences 2019” competition:
– Francesco Altilio
– Andrea Marazzi
– Collettivo Méliès composed by Antonio Chirico, Valentina Forte and Francesco Verdicchia

An international jury consisting of Monique Veaute (president of the jury and the president of Romaeuropa Art and Culture Foundation), Valentino Catricalà (curator and contemporary art critic – director of the Art section of Maker Faire – European Edition), Antonio Poce (composer), Martin Figura (painter and videoartist), Andrea Ravagnan (Cineteca di Bologna), will award cash prizes to the finalists during a public event scheduled for November 3rd 2019 as part of Romaeuropa Festival 2019 at the Sala Cinema – Palazzo delle EsposizioniMacro, Rome. During that event, all the three soundtracks will be presented in sync with the films to the audience and the jury.

All of us at “Sounds of Silences 2019” are very grateful to all members of the jury for their excellent work.

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