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a competition of musical composition for the moving image


The Edison Studio collective, with the support of the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE) for the project “SIAE – Classics of Today”, and with the collaboration of the Cineteca di Bologna (Film Archive of Bologna) and the Romaeuropa Festival 2017,

announces the results of the Sounds of Silences 2017 International Competition of Musical Composition for the Moving Image.

128  participants from 32 countries submitted their compositions to“Sounds of Silences 2017″Their works have been evaluated by a first jury composed by

In the preliminary stage of the competition entrants submitted an audiovisual work the musical part of which they themselves had composed.
An international jury consisting by Simon Atkinson (composer and lecturer at Media School, DMU University Leicester, U.K.), Brett Battey (composer, visual artist, and reader at Media School, DMU University Leicester, U.K.), Andrew Bentley (composer and professor of Music Technology at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki), Anders Mattias Bye (composer, pianist and author of soundtracks for silent movies), Giulio Latini (Professor of Multimedia Communication at Università di Tor Vergata – Rome), Kent Olofsson (composer and professor at Inter Arts Center – Lund University, Svezia), Paolo Pachini (composer. video-artist and professor of Audiovisual composition at Conservatory of Music – Trieste), Barry Truax (composer and professor at Simon Fraser University Vancouver, Canada) have then selected five finalists among the entrants, who were invited to create a soundtrack for 5 medium-length movies by Buster Keaton chosen by Edison Studio in collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna. Finalists names are as follows:sofs17-5-finalisti-w
Xavier Madore  (Canada)
Gabriele Paolozzi  (Italy)
Ludovico Failla  (Italy)
Myriam Boucher
Fabrizio Giraudo  (Italy)

On October 28 in the framework of RomaEuropa Festival 2017 at Macro di Testaccio – La Pelanda (Rome), the five soundtracks were presented along with the 5 movies. After that, a second international jury composed by Alvin Curran (composer), Andrea Ravagnan (Cineteca di Bologna), Andrew Bentley (composer and professor at Sibelius Academy – Helsinki) Giulio Latini (Multimedia Communication professor at “Tor Vergata” University of Rome) and Stefania Lo Giudice (Romaeuropa Art and Culture Foundation), have awarded cash prizes to the 3 winners with the following motivations.

First prize (3000 Euro) went to Fabrizio Giraudo  (Italy)
for the music of “High Sign” (B.Keaton, 1920)
“On the expressive level, the composer succeeded in creating a mature and effective relationship between sound and image, achieving a deep balance between convention and experimentation.”

Second Prize (2000 Euro) went to Ludovico Failla  (Italy)
for the music of “The Goat” (B. Keaton, 1921)
“While respecting the language of film, the composer succeeded in using irony in an an experimental way.”

Third Prize (1000 euro) went to Myriam Boucher  (Canada)
for the music of “The Paleface” (B. Keaton, 1921)

“The jury appreciated the way the composer built a relationship between the sound design and the visual narrative.”
The jurors also appreciated the high quality of the music of “Cops” (B.Keaton, 1922) written by Xavier Madore and of “Neighbors” (B.Keaton, 1920) composed by Gabriele Paolozzi.

Sounds of Silences is organized by Edison Studio with the aim at making a valid contribution towards redefining the meaning, aesthetics and conceptual structures of silent cinema. New soundtracks can do more than simply “accompany” the images on the screen, but can reveal their hidden content, thereby giving a new voice to what would otherwise remain silent.


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