Luigi Ceccarelli

ceccarelliLC_Vimeo_logo LC_Youtube_logoLC_Soundcloud_logo LC_Flickr_logoLC_Facebook_logoHe is a co-founding member of the “Edison Studio” and  since the 1970s he has worked as a composer of music with live electronics. He is interested in all forms of sound, irrespective of genre, and in the relationships between music and the performing arts.

 His work as a composer has brought him international recognition (Bourges Festival Prizes, UBU Prize – given by Italian theatre critics, Ars Electronica – Linz, MESS Festival Prize in Sarajevo, Special Prize at the BITEF Festival in Belgrade, “Hear” Prize by Hungarian Television, Opus Prize” from the “Conseil de la Musique du Quebec”). His works have been chosen many times for performance at the International Computer Music Conference and

 he has written various works for radio produced by the Italian broadcaster RAI and he composed work for theatre with “Teatro delle Albe”, “Fanny & Alexander”, and work for dance with “Wee Dance Company” and Robyn Orlin.
 Luigi Ceccarelli has held the post of Professor of Electronic Music Conservatory of Music of Latina.


Bianco Nero Piano Forte

Audiovisual works, Installations 2000-2009

Installation site specific
project Mara Cantoni, Luigi Ceccarelli, Lelli & Masotti
photos Lelli e Masotti
proses and verses Mara Cantoni
music and sound design Luigi Ceccarelli
video by Mara Cantoni, Luigi Ceccarelli, Lelli e Masotti
produced by DDR Videoflot, Gerardo Lamattina

voices Mara Cantoni, Ermanna Montanari, Giovanna Mori, Sonia Bergamasco, Paolo Bessegato, Gabriella Franchini, Enrico Fink, Elena Bucci, Camillo Grassi, Sandro Cerino, Marco Cavalcoli.

music production and realization Edison Studio- Roma
“Inferi” e “Scherzo” music production and realization IMEB-Bourges
staging Leonardo Scarpa,
audio and lights project Marino Pandolfini, LPE
production Ravenna Festival

Ravenna Festival, Sala Dantesca of the Library Classense of Ravenna – June 16 – July 18, 2009
performances of individual parts
Còrdoba (Argentina), Museo de Bellas Artes “Emilio Caraffa” XX Jornadas Internationales de Mùsica Electroacùstica – Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Sept 17 – Oct 22- 09
Milan, Palazzo Reale, Sala delle otto colonne – May 17 – 26, 2019 (also included in Piano city program)

26 Sept 09 New York (USA) Columbia University, Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America
a program of Eletroacoustic Music::”The Real, The Symbolic and The Imaginary”.


LC_8.Sogni 2 LC_25.Fuga 3 LC_20.Cage Rap 3

What are things when man is absent? Inert forms, prints on the surface of history or pulsing figures of the imaginary? And, particularly, what does a piano with no pianist do? Does it wait, meditate, evoke, is it simply there? Does it feel nostalgia for man? Perhaps the absence of man represents only the nostalgia it has of itself. Of sound, of timbre, of tone.
This original idea for an installation was born from a photographic series of great evocative power. The dreamy and vaguely surreal candour of the images, by encountering the ironic and imaginific texts and a multiform and ever-changing world of sound, gives place to a most fascinating and compact work. Different art-forms not only speak to one another, but, by listening to each other, converge.
So the piano, elected to the role of protagonist, rather than be observed by us, observes us. Implacable, black, shiny, tense. And also absolutely present, resting on one side, naked, receiving projected images on its cords, only lightly filtered by a veil, making its cords sing, stimulated by slight electro-mechanic vibrations.
Forty photographs, all rigourously in black and white, of pianos in various contexts, seen from unusual perspectives: they are revealed as creatures who are sometimes alarming, almost always mysterious.
Twenty accompanying texts go with the images, infusing them with a sort of evocative and sometimes whacky animism: they are brief stories, dialogues, poetic verses or paradoxical commentaries where the fantastic dimension is woven together with literary or musical references.
The sound ambience brings out the piano’s most unusual and interior voice, transforming the visual journey into a multi-dimensional space, translating written words into infinite shades of dialogue with the instrument.
(translation by Lee Colbert)

LC_2.Inferi LC_17.Pirati LC_18.Praline

Bianco Nero Piano Forte
is made of 24 pieces, 40 photos and 24 texts.

01 – Attesa – 2:13 – video
02 – Inferi – 4:58 – voice Ermanna Montanari – video
03 – Walzer – 1:32 – voices Gabriella Franchini, Sonia Bergamasco, Carole Chambellon
04 – Fragile – 2:32 – voices Giovanna Mori, Izumi Arakawa – video
05 – Yin Yang – 3:50 – voice Mara Cantoni – video
06 – Peluche – 2:13 – voice Pietro Lucchino – video
07 – Prospettive – 3:20 – voices Paolo. Bessegato, Giovanna Mori, Gabriella Franchini – video
08 – Sogni – 2:31 – voices Mara Cantoni, Giovanna Mori – video
09 – Blue – 2:48 – voice Marco Cavalcoli – video
10 – Chewing Gum – 2:49 – voices Camillo Grassi, Gabriel Kahn – video
11 – Alice – 2:21 – voice Mara Cantoni – video
12 – Scherzo – 4:10
13 – Arman – 0:08 – voice Paolo Bessegato
14 – Adagio – 3:02 – voice Giovanna Mori – video
15 – Rabbi Eliahu – 3:33 – voice Enrico Fink
16 – Pirati – 3:30 – voice Mara Cantoni – video
17 – Praline – 2:24 – voices Paolo Bessegato, Gabriella Franchini – video
18 – Trittico – 1:13 – voice Sonia Bergamasco
19 – Cage Rap – 2:06 – voices Sandro Cerino, Carole Chambellon – video
20 – Concerto n.1 – 0:15 – voices Mara Cantoni, Giovanna Mori – video
21 – Concerto n.2 – 0:21 – voice Paolo Bessegato – video
22 – Dall’alto – 4:32 – voice Mara Cantoni – video
23 – Eco e Narciso – 3:40 – voices Paolo Bessegato, Mara Cantoni – video
24 – Fuga – 3:16 – voices Paolo Bessegato, Elena Bucci, Camillo Grassi – video

Another piece of Bianco Nero Piano Forte is  “Aura in Visibile.2” for piano and vibrating exciters.
Aura in Visibile.2 is the sound of the photographic part.


LC_BNPF_CDwCD – Bianco Nero Piano Forte
attached to the catalog of the installation
total duration: 65′
Edizioni Ravenna Festival
LC_InferiCDCD – Compendium International 2000 Bourges
contains Inferi
from Bianco Nero Piano Forte
duration: 7′
Compact Disc: Imeb – Mnemosyne LDC278 II 19/20
Buy the CD online

Milano, Sala delle otto colonne

Ravenna, Biblioteca Classense