Luigi Ceccarelli

ceccarelliLC_Vimeo_logo LC_Youtube_logoLC_Soundcloud_logo LC_Flickr_logoLC_Facebook_logoHe is a co-founding member of the “Edison Studio” and  since the 1970s he has worked as a composer of music with live electronics. He is interested in all forms of sound, irrespective of genre, and in the relationships between music and the performing arts.

 His work as a composer has brought him international recognition (Bourges Festival Prizes, UBU Prize – given by Italian theatre critics, Ars Electronica – Linz, MESS Festival Prize in Sarajevo, Special Prize at the BITEF Festival in Belgrade, “Hear” Prize by Hungarian Television, Opus Prize” from the “Conseil de la Musique du Quebec”). His works have been chosen many times for performance at the International Computer Music Conference and

 he has written various works for radio produced by the Italian broadcaster RAI and he composed work for theatre with “Teatro delle Albe”, “Fanny & Alexander”, and work for dance with “Wee Dance Company” and Robyn Orlin.
 Luigi Ceccarelli has held the post of Professor of Electronic Music Conservatory of Music of Latina.



Electroacoustic music 1991-2007

LC_quantiScorePg4for Bb clarinet and clarinet sounds on tape
stereo version 1991
surround version 2007

duration: 9′
edition Ricordi – BMG Ariola
commission: BMG Ariola
1st performance: Padova, Computer & Art Festival – November 10, 1992
performer: clarinet – David Keberle

The title of this work refers to the existence of subatomic particles whose behavior is recognized statistically without knowledge of all the spe¬cific details of their individual movements.
This piece, by analogy, follows in some respects statistical laws present in a kind of macrostructure. This take place in precise form and guidelines established by the composer; for example, during the composition the range of the melodic material does change but always according to predeterminated guidelines. Other parameters, however, such as intensity, timbre and pitch, are governed on a microstructural level following the quantum theory and are thus not predetermined but rather solutions chosen at random by the computer.
The part performed live acts as a complement to those controlled by the com¬puter recorded on tape. There are usually eight simultaneous parts (seven on tape and one performed live) wich are indistinguishable from one another.
Apart from the final section, the melody is very quick with almost all of the sounds as short as possible. One may think of them as the minimal signifying particles (quanti) of the clarinet sound. The sounds produced by the sampler are actually fragments (recorded beforehand by David Keberle) of all the possible and “impossible” effects which the clarinet is capable of producing, including multiphonics, short “staccatos”, “sforzatos”, breath sounds, and key clicks.

In Quanti (1990) abbiamo un vero e proprio “ambiente” di clarinetti campionati che si delinea intorno al clarinetto solista …….. Brano molto cordiale, tenero: un convegno amoroso in cui il sé si cerca si incontra si interroga con un certo compiacimento della propria natura colloquiale.
(Mario Gamba – Il Manifesto 6 ottobre 2007)

CD – Il Clarinetto

includeing- Quanti
for Bb clarinet and clarinet sounds on tape
performer: David Keberle – bB clarinet
duration: 9′
Compact Disc: BMG – Ariola CCD 3008

Performances of Quanti
Nov 10, 92 – Padova (Ita), Computer & Art Festival.
Feb 03, 93 – Lyon (Fra), Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique
Mar 27, 93 – Cesenatico (Ita), Teatro Comunale
Feb 24 , 94 – Padova (Ita), Computer & Art Festival.
Mar 30, 94 – Bruxelles (Bel), Festival Ars Musica
Mar 19, 95 – Cagli (Ita), Rassegna Concertistica, Teatro Comunale
Sep 17,  97 – Buenos Aires (Arg), Centro Cultural La Recoleta – LIPM
May 10, 01 – Helsinki (Fin), The electroacoustic Scene in Italy today
Nev 22, 01 – Luxembourg, Auditorium del Conservatorio
Sep 25, 05 – Lodi (Ita), Festival ContemporaneaMente, Archivio Storico Comunale
Apr 06, 06 – Helsinki (Fin), Chamber Concert Hall, Sibelius Academy
Sep 25, 07 – Rimini (Ita), Sagra Musicale Malatestiana, Teatro degli Atti
Nov 29, 07 – Venezia (Ita), Ex Novo Musica 2007, Sala degli Arazzi, Fondazione Cini
Oct 13 , 10 – Padova, Sampl – Living Lab Music, Auditorium Cesare Pollini
Oct 24, 13 – Brooklyn (NY, USA), Brooklyn College Conservatory, Faculty Recital – cl Maruanne Gythfeldt
Oct 30, 13 – Ithaca (NY, USA), Ithaca College School of Music – cl Maruanne Gythfeldt