Luigi Ceccarelli

ceccarelliLC_Vimeo_logo LC_Youtube_logoLC_Soundcloud_logo LC_Flickr_logoLC_Facebook_logoHe is a co-founding member of the “Edison Studio” and  since the 1970s he has worked as a composer of music with live electronics. He is interested in all forms of sound, irrespective of genre, and in the relationships between music and the performing arts.

 His work as a composer has brought him international recognition (Bourges Festival Prizes, UBU Prize – given by Italian theatre critics, Ars Electronica – Linz, MESS Festival Prize in Sarajevo, Special Prize at the BITEF Festival in Belgrade, “Hear” Prize by Hungarian Television, Opus Prize” from the “Conseil de la Musique du Quebec”). His works have been chosen many times for performance at the International Computer Music Conference and

 he has written various works for radio produced by the Italian broadcaster RAI and he composed work for theatre with “Teatro delle Albe”, “Fanny & Alexander”, and work for dance with “Wee Dance Company” and Robyn Orlin.
 Luigi Ceccarelli has held the post of Professor of Electronic Music Conservatory of Music of Latina.



Electroacoustic music, Musical theatre and performance 2011-2013


Luigi Ceccarelli / Daniele Roccato
performance / improvvisation
for double bass and live electronics
surround diffusion 5.1

duration: 45′
1st performance: Perugia (Ita), Combo, spazio multigenere – March 22, 2011

Electroacoustic performer Luigi Ceccarelli and double bassist Daniele Roccato present X-Traces, a structured improvisation for double bass and electronic sound processing in real time. The double bass, played with the techniques of contemporary music, is amplified by two microphones which diffuse the sound and send it to an electroacoustic system for its elaboration.

In this performance, the double bass sounds are elaborated in real time as a counterpoint to the live sounds. Thus, the double bassist reacts to the same sounds he had produced a few seconds before they have been digitally transformed. It’s a loop generating a close dialogue between the two musicians who work in symbiosis.

This is not a traditional concert where the musicians hold exclusive control over their own instruments, but a performance where each one develops the acoustic vibrations of the other. The double bass separates into several layers, alternating timbre stratifications to thick polyrhythmic sequences; expressive melodic counterpoints to abstract space resonances.

Mar 22, 2011 – Perugia (Italy), Combo Spazio Multigenere
Jan 07, 2012 – Forlì (Italy), Area Sismica, Rassegna Musica Inaudita
Mar 09, 2012 – Venezia (Italy), Auditorium Santa Margherita, Università Ca’ Foscari
Apr 21, 2013 – Venezia (Italy), Teatro Ca’ Foscari, MusiCaFoscari
Oct 22, 2013 – Roma (Italy), EmuFest,Conservatorio S. Cecilia, Sala Accademica
Apr 13 2014 – Ravenna (Italy),TeatroRasi, Teatro delle Albe: i Parlamenti di Aprile
Dec 11 2014 – Roma (Italy), 51° Festival di Nuova Consonanza, Accademia Filarmonica – Sala Casella
May 25 2015 – Latina (Italy), Festival Le Forme del Suono, Auditorium del Conservatorio di Musica di Latina
Jul 4 2015 – Roma (Italy), Festival Arte Scienza – CRM, Giardini dell’Accademia Filarmonica Romana
November 14 2015 – Roma, Accademia Americana – 50 Years of Electronic Music at the American Academy in Rome
Oct 4 2016- Firenze (Italy), Limonata di Villa Strozzi, Tempo Reale Festival 2016, Klang / Musica Sperimentale #5