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Computer assisted composition – workshop

Computer assisted composition – 5 meetings workshop  at Trento Conservatory


Conservatorio di Trento 11/04/2015 – 30/05/2015

Course schedule (2-5pm; room 109)

I. April 11th 2015  An introduction to the computer assisted composition and the Open Music software
II. 18 aprile 2015  Representation and elaboration of harmonic  and duration sturctures
III. 2 maggio 2015  Statistical analysis, dissonance calculation algorithm; MIDI and MusicXML import-export;
IV. 23 maggio 2015   CAC examples from Fabio Cifariello Ciardi compositions ; discussion on students’ compositional processes;
V. 30 maggio 2015  Implementation and discussion of  students’ compositional processes.

info:  f[dot)cifariellociardi[at]edisonstudio{dot}it

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