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Altre Tracce [1993]

Altre Tracce (1991 – 1993)

The aim of Altre Tracce for Bb clarinet is to explore two virtual polyphonies. The first refers to auditory stream segregation. That is the way sounds played by a
monophonic instrument are perceptually segregated into two streams because of their perceptual attributes. The notation adopted for this kind of polyphony is the following.

The second polyphony refers to the quick contraposition, interpolation, and superposition of “neutral” sonic materials with well-connotated melodic excerpts
possibly stored in the long-term memory of many occidental listeners.
These Altre Tracce include, among others:
a) The first theme of the first movement of Mozart symphony K550
b) The principal theme of Rossini “Barbiere di Siviglia”
c) The jazz standard “Lady’s a Tramp”
d)The second theme of Debussy Rhapsody for clarinet and piano
e) The “Seguidilla” theme from Bizet’s Carmen.

Altre Tracce has been awarded at Olimpya Int. Composition Competition 1993 (Athens, Greece) and Spectri Sonori Int. Composition Competition 1994 (Tulane, USA).


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