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Luigi Ceccarelli


Il Contingente Cambia Colore [1975]

Installation for 4 tape rings with concrète sounds

duration: from 10' to infinite

Visual part of the installation created by the students of the scenography course of the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino:
Luciano Conti, Stefano Schiavoni, Paola Casagrande, Marco Lion, Alessandro Moroni, Guido DI Paolo.

“Il Contingente cambia Colore” is made with recordings of various types of sounds: people talking, ambient noises and sounds of concrete objects. These elements are sometimes electronically processed with laboratory techniques typical of the 1970s, such as filters, ring modulators and variable speed drives.
The recognisability of the materials is variable, and both the texts and the sounds range from a maximum of comprehensibility to a transformation that makes them unrecognizable.
The elements created were then organized and recorded in four sequences of 6, 7, 9 and 10 minutes. Today it is easy with the computer to make four sequences with different times that are repeated, while in 1985, the only way was to record each sequence on a magnetic tape ring (4 “Stereo 8” cassettes were used, recorded on a single track) and have them played by four recorders.
The four rings having different durations combine the materials in a different way and so 63 hours will present all the possible overlapping combinations.

realization of the complete installation
June 19, 1975 – Pesaro, “G. Rossini” Conservatory
July 1975 – Cesenatico, Porto Canale

playing audio only
June 5, 1976 – Bourges (France), Festival International de Musique Electroacoustique du GMEB
Jul 29, 1976 – Cervia, Magazzeno del sale, Cervia ’76
Sep 25, 1976 – Music Performance Pescara – SalanQuadrifoglio, Thin Group
Nov 8, 1976 – Rome, New Consonance Festival, National Gallery of Modern Art
Nov  11-17, 1985 – National Institute of Architecture In / Arch Sound system of the exhibition “The Empty City”

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