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Luigi Ceccarelli

Author: Luigi Ceccarelli


Sagra Malatestiana 2007 – Review

In the “Workshop” of Luigi Ceccarelli, the composer with an urban taste “Neuromante” for alto sax, “Quanti” and “Birds” for clarinet, “De zarb à daf” for percussion, “Anima di metallo” for drums and metals ……. At the Malatesta Music Festival

Oct , 6
Sagra Malatestiana 2007 – Review

Live* a Roma – reviews 2006

The audience is entering the hall at the Vascello theater in Rome and Paolo Ravaglia on bass clarinet is already playing an introduction – or do we want to call it an overture? – to the stage action Live *,

Nov , 3
Live* a Roma – reviews 2006
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