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Luigi Ceccarelli


Se Resistere Dipende dal Cuore (excerpts)
ascoltando Amelia Rosselli

by and with Luigi Ceccarelli e Elena Bucci

live recording December 15, 2022
Roma, Festival di Nuova Consonanza

Luigi Ceccarelli

Titanic & Icarus spa (extract)

performer Simone Beneventi
live recording  October 17, 2020
Udine Festival Contemporanea Agorà

Video by Luigi Ceccarelli

protagonist of the video is the painter Achille Perilli.
The text is inspired by the poems of Fortunato Depero, a futurist artist, and part of the performance "Anihccam" created together with the choreographer Lucia Latour in 1989.

video editing Luigi Ceccarelli, Gerardo Lamattina

music - Luigi Ceccarelli (from Birds)
video - Fabio Scacchioli

This is the video version of Birds, for bass clarinet and bird songs. Fabio Scacchioli made the video starting from the music, transforming the natural movement of birds into stubborn and eccentric rhythms.

Open Border - teaser
Luigi Ceccarelli – live electronics
Hamid Drake – drums and percussions
Gianni Trovalusci – flutes
Ken Vandermark – sax and clarinets
recorded at Forlì Open Music festival in october 2018 in the San Giacomo church

Faust  (final part)
a research on the language of the Peking Opera - [2015]
direction - Anna Peschke
music - Luigi Ceccarelli, Alessandro Cipriani, Chen Xiaoman
text byi Li Meini based on  “Faust, first part” by  Johann Wolfgang Goethe

production China National Beijing Opera and Emilia Romagna Teatri

Nella Lingua e nella Spada - excerpt from the show
(In the Language and in the Sword)

a music and theater project
inspired by the life and works of Alessandro Panagulis and Oriana Fallaci

Elena Bucci dramaturgy, direction and interpretation
Luigi Ceccarelli music and live electronics
Michele Rabbia percussion
Paolo Ravaglia clarinets

Ravenna Festival 2019

TURANDOT -  teaser
music Luigi Ceccarelli, Alessandro Cipriani, Qiu Xiaobo
direction Marco Plini, Xu Mengke
dramaturgy Wu Jiang e Wu Yuejia
production China National Beijing Opera and Fondazione Emilia Romagna Teatri

Live*- excerpt from the live performance
Francesco Scavetta - Luigi Ceccarelli

Francesco Scavetta - choreographer and dancer
Luigi Ceccarelli – composer and live electronics
Paolo Ravaglia – clarinets

produced by Wee dance company and Edison Studio in 2001

X-Traces - improvisation
Luigi Ceccarelli - live electronics
Daniele Roccato - double bass
live performance at Area Sismica (Forlì) January 7,  2012

Hey Dude, let's stick around a bit longer this time (2008)
We company - Oslo
choreogrphy, dramaturgy and video Francesco Scavetta
music Luigi Ceccarelli
electric violin Diego Conti
live electronics Luigi Ceccarelli
dancers Gry Kipperberg, Sissel Bjørkli, Sittibancha Bamphen, Christine Kjellberg

Luigi Ceccarelli - Paolo Ravaglia
part I
live concert improvisation at Area Sismica
April 11, 2015

a documentary by Nico Garrone about the preparation of the performance
L'Isola di Alcina  (2000)
concert for horn and romagnol voice
text by Nevio Spadoni
music Luigi Ceccarelli
Teatro delle Albe theater company
directed by Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari