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Luigi Ceccarelli



Cagli – Gleam duo Ceccarelli Trovalusci

Feb , 21
Cagli – Gleam duo Ceccarelli Trovalusci

Cagli, March 10, 2022, 9:15 pm
Teatro Comunale di Cagli (PU)
Fano Jazz network
International Jazz Green Festival

anteprima Terre Sonore

concert by
GLEAM . Electro Acoustic Music
Gianni Trovalusci flutes and sonic tube
Luigi Ceccarelli live elecronics

dedicated to Fernando Mencherini

in collaborazione with Istituzione Teatro Comunale di Cagli e Provincia di Pesaro Urbino

GLEAM was born from the meeting of two artists attentive to sound and its possible repetitions and mutations. In English it has the meaning of glow, illumination. This signification is the basis of the very concept of a research honestly capable of indicating and marking a precise and defined direction: something ‘lights up’ internally and the adventure begins.
The dominant sound element of GLEAM’s research is the Breath, which Trovalusci declines with various flutes and sound tubes and Ceccarelli mixes and transforms with lively electronic processing.

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