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L’Aquila – Concert at Barattelli Foundation

Feb , 21
L’Aquila – Concert at Barattelli Foundation

March 13, 2022, 6 pm
L’Aquila, Auditorium del Parco

Società Aquilana dei Concerti B. Barattelli
Season 2021/2022

Dialogo Sopra l’Incantesimo del Suono

Gianni Trovalusci flutes and sound tubes
Daniele Roccato double bass
Michele Rabbia percussion
Luigi Ceccarelli live electronics

In this concert, the quartet intends to return to the constitutive and substantial concepts of making art: research and experimentation, awareness and overcoming of limits, ethics of relationships, development of empathy and the relational context once again become essential requirements and elements of artistic action.

Composition and performance merge into one, in a continuous instantaneous musical invention.

All this by virtue of a harmony that the performers pursue by carrying out a continuous research, which only at the moment of the concert and thanks to the participation of the public, becomes Instant Musical Composition. “Something ‘lights up’ internally and the adventure begins”.

The concert thus becomes an experience on the infinite possible expressive and sound worlds, a descent into the subliminal listening of intertwined relationships, a large, composed and unbridled together, a common expressive gesture, in which the Sound is transfigured and subtle.

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