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Luigi Ceccarelli



Nella Lingua e nella Spada at Segesta Theater

Aug , 15
Nella Lingua e nella Spada at Segesta Theater

Thursday, August 17 2023, 9 pm
Segesta Temple (TP)
Segesta Festival

a music and theater project inspired by the lives and works of Oriana Fallaci and Aléxandros Panagulis

Elena Bucci dramaturgy, direction and interpretation

Luigi Ceccarelli music (playback version)
Michele Rabbia percussion
Paolo Ravaglia clarinets

Loredana Oddone light design
Raffaele Bassetti sound director

dramaturgy consultancy Elettra Stamboulis
sets and costumes Nomadea  with the help of Marta Benini and Manuela Monti
installation assistants Nicoletta Fabbri, Beatrice Moncada
photo Patrizia Piccino

co-production Ravenna Festival, Fondazione Campania dei Festival-Napoli Teatro Festival Italia and Le Belle Bandiere company
musical production Edison Studio Rome

Music and words intertwine, alternate, merge with each other: the first impulse comes from A Man by Oriana Fallaci and from the verses of the protagonist of that famous novel-truth, Alekos Panagulis (who later became the author’s companion) , hero of the Greek Resistance against the tyrant Papadopoulos, who during the harsh detention to which he was subjected wrote, with his own blood, poignant poems on the few pieces of paper stolen due to the carelessness of his jailers. A story from which arise the reflections that make up Elena Bucci’s melody, supported by Luigi Ceccarelli’s score, in which the pulsation of the percussion, the sounds of the clarinet and pre-recorded voices reworked electronically duet in counterpoint with the word “live”. A political theater to not forget and give new meaning to the polis.

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