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Luigi Ceccarelli


Aracne [1996]

installation and pice for radio
on a text by Guido Barbieri

4-track tape and multivision version
for 4 tracks tape version
duration: 12 '

Installation and radio work
on a text by Guido Barbieri

version for 4-track tape and multivision
version for 4-track tape only
duration: 12 ‘

reciting voices
Giovanna Mori – Arachne, Mirella Mazzeranghi – Athena

Luigi Ceccarelli, Gianfranco Lucchino
drawings – Elly Nagaoka

recording, programming, editing, mixing: Luigi Ceccarelli

Commission: CRM, Music-Science Festival
performance: Rome, Aquarium, Music Science – “Ascoltare lo Spazio”- June 07, 1996

“Aracne” was produced and realized in Rome at the CRM – Music Research Center and at Edison Studio.
The radio version is from 1998.

The myth of “Arachne” is told here in the form of a dialogue between Arachne and Athena: the challenge between the two contenders in the creation of the most beautiful work, the victory of Arachne and the ferocious revenge of Athena are here repeated in an external dimension of figurative time and space.
A myth about the oppression that is perpetuated to infinity always the same, except for negligible details, from the dawn of civilization to the present day and from today to the distant future.

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