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Luigi Ceccarelli


Four pieces on four poems by G.Pascoli [2007]

for voice and computer elaborated sounds

Notte d'inverno     
La nebbia    (2003)
L'uccellino del freddo   (2003)
Le rane     (2007)

for voice and computer elaborated sounds
surround diffusion 5.1

Notte d’inverno (2003)
La nebbia    (2003)
L’uccellino del freddo (2003)
Le rane (2007)

total duration 30′
commission: Pascoli Prize – Festival Aterforum Ferrara
1st performance: Premio Pascoli, San Mauro Pascoli (ITA) – July 13, 2003
performer: reciting voicee Sonia Bergamasco

Four poems by Giovanni Pascoli become as many sound frescoes in which the text and the narrating voice are the guide of the musical structure.
The reciting voice plunges into an imaginary acoustic environment that recreates and amplifies the emotional suggestions of the text, at times participating in the nerrative tension, at times intertwining a pure rhythmic counterpoint.
Constantly poised between electroacoustic sounds, instrumental atmospheres and real sound environments, voice and sound form an inseparable unity that transports Pascoli’s texts into a universe out of time, and here each poem is a microcosm complete in itself.

The texts are kept in their original integrity.
“Le rane” (the Frogs) is part of the series of poems on the return to San Mauro, the poet’s birthplace, in which Pascoli tells of a rural landscape inhabited by minimal sounds and changing colors.
The other three texts belong to the “Canti di Castelvecchio” and despite having a winter setting, each have a different character.
“Notte d’Inverno” (Winter Night) is the story of a spasmodic expectation, full of inner troubles, which gradually grow up to result in burning disillusionment.
“La nebbia” (The fog) is the detached and emotionless contemplation, just disturbed by a momentary doubt, of a desolate and mysterious landscape.
“L’uccellino del freddo” (The little bird of the cold) is the amazement for a minimal and vibrant world seen from the eyes of a little wren, written in a style that almost anticipates futurist noise.


Jul 13, 03 – San Mauro Pascoli, Pascoli Prize – Sonia Bergamasco voice
Nov 06, 04 – Firenze, Incontri di Tempo Reale, Cantieri Goldonetta – Sonia Bergamasco voice
Dec 06, 04 – Roma, concerto Edison Studio, Goethe Institut – Sonia Bergamasco voice
Jun 07, 07 – Ferrara, Teatro Comunale, Aterforum 2007 – Sonia Bergamasco voice
May 20, 09 – Roma, Rai Radio Tre Sala A, live broadcast – Sonia Bergamasco voice
Le Rane
Oct 07 16 – Avellino, Auditorium of the Music Conservatory, Contemporary Music Week – playback
Notte d’Inverno
Sept 14, 2021 – Firenze, Tempo Reale -Festival Phonè – Limonaia di Villa Strozzi – Elena Bucci Voice

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