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Luigi Ceccarelli


Il contatore di nuvole (the cloud counter) [2012]

for piano and samples of prepared piano

duration: 9'

commission: Noise Watcher Unlimited – Luxembourg
1st performance: Paris (France), Fondation Biermans Lapôtre – Salle de Fêtes – October 24, 2012
performers: Cathy Krier – piano, Noise Watcher Unlimited – live electronics

The job of a cloud counter is not easy. Clouds change their shape at every moment, constantly joining, separating, appearing and then vanishing into thin air. Cloud counters can never reach a definitive or final result, and theirs is a frustrating job with few satisfactions.
Also note counters have more or less the same difficulty. The more they worry and scurry to anticipate, calculate, and create their structures, the more the nature of music eludes them.

Le métier de compteur de nuages n’est pas facile. Les nuages changent à chaque instant de formes, ils s’unissent les uns aux autres, se séparent, apparaissent et disparaissent dans le vide continuellement. Il n’arrivera jamais à un résultat définitif. Le métier de compteur de nuages est un travail frustrant qui donne peu de satisfaction.
Les compteurs de notes aussi ont plus ou moins la même difficulté. Plus ils s’acharnent à prévoir, à calculer, à structurer, plus la nature de la musique leur échappent. Le son, par sa nature même, se transforme continuellement dans le temps, et c’est justement cette variabilité qui nous fascine.

Oct 22, 2012 – Paris (France), Fondation Biermans Lapôtre – Salle de Fêtes – piano Cathy Krier
Oct 24, 2012 – Luxembourg, Philarmonie – piano Cathy Krier
Oct 24, 2012 – Cagliari (Ita), Festival Spaziomusica – piano Cathy Krier
Dec 22, 2013 – Roma (Ita), Intermedia Edison 2013, Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio – piano Ciro Longobardi
Nov 18, 2014 – Moscow (Russia), IV Contemporary Music Festival, Philarmonia – piano Victoria Kuzymina
Mar 28, 2017 – Livorno (Ita), Auditorium Cesare Chiti, Suoni Inauditi 2017 – piano Calogero Di Liberto
Apr 26, 2017 – Bologna (Ita), Auditorium San Filippo Neri, Bologna Festival – piano Calogero Di Liberto
Oct 23 2017 – Moscow (Russia), Conservatorio, Composers Hall  – pf Natalia Cherkasova
May 22, 2018 – Latina (Ita), Conservatory of Music, Festival “Nuove Forme del Suono” – piano Silvia D’Augello
Jun 12, 2021 – Matera (Ita), MA/IN Matera Intermedia Festival, Casa Cava – piano Roberto Durante
Sep 30, 2021 – Moscov (Russia), Galleria Ground Solyanka,
Nov 21, 2022 – Moskov (Russia), P. I. Tchaikovsky National Conservatory, CEAMMC conference
May 20, 2024 – Baku (Azeibarjan) – International Mugham Center, Contemporary Music Days, CEAM, pf Feodasia Mironova

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