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Luigi Ceccarelli



music for the third cantica of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri of the Teatro delle Albe

musical collaboration Andrea Veneri, Vincenzo Core, Giacomo Piermatti, Gianni Trovalusci, Raffaele Marsicano

music by Luigi Ceccarelli
commissioned by Ravenna Festival
with the collaboration of
Vincenzo Core – electric guitar
Raffaele Marsicano – trombone
Giacomo Piermatti – double bass
Gianni Trovalusci – flutes
Andrea Veneri – live electronics
and with Mirella Mastronardi – vocals

sound design Marco Olivieri
sound diffusion system
D&B Soundscape – BH Audio

first performance
June 24 – July 8 (except Mondays) 2022
Ravenna, Public Gardens, 8 pm, Ravenna Festival

scenic part

called Public for Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy”
ideation, artistic direction and direction
Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari

on stage
Ermanna Montanari, Marco Martinelli, Luigi Dadina, Alessandro Argnani, Roberto Magnani, Laura Redaelli, Alessandro Renda, Camilla Berardi and the citizens of the Public Call

stage space and costumes for students of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan – School of Scenography and Costume Coordinated by Edoardo Sanchi and Paola Giorgi
lighting design Fabio Sajiz

technical direction Luca Pagliano with Alessandro Pippo Bonoli and Fagio
lighting technicians Luca Pagliano, Marcello Maggiore
Fagio audio technician
stage movements Alessandro Pippo Bonoli
realization of scenes and preparation of the technical team of the Tetro delle Albe / Ravenna Theater
tailoring A.N.G.E.L.O
production managers Silvia Pagliano and Emilio Vita in collaboration with Serena Cenerelli and Eleonora Ginexi
organization and promotion of Teatro delle Albe / Ravenna Teatro
coordination of relations with the press Rosalba Ruggeri
graphics and lettering Cosatta Gardini – Casa Walden
photo SIlvia Lelli

production Ravenna Festival / Teatro Alighieri
in collaboration with
Teatro delle Albe / Ravenna Theater
with the extraordinary contribution of the Municipality of Ravenna
commissioned by Ravenna Festival

……… But how much and more than words are the dancing rhythm and the music – wonderful, by Luigi Ceccarelli – to tell us about what our eyes see ……..
Luca Doninelli, The newspaper, 7 July 2022

….. all the Paradise that we will see is a journey towards ecstasy, towards the exit from oneself, from compassion, from habit; a little new age and very ‘social’ ecstasy, made up of political and human indignation, of the need to overcome the daily condition of laziness, awe, lack of ability to fly ……..

…. There, on the ground floor, clouded by a veil, the musicians play violent music by Luigi Ceccarelli, with electronic interventions …..

…. Everything is wrapped in sounds: voices, murmurs, sighs, solos of instruments and ensembles, variations and electronics, a whole world …..

…. Who looked at the sky and who, further down, our pale romantic planet, was carried on the last journey by the voice of Ermanna Montanari. Mixed with archaic, depth harmonics, she sublimated herself in a concert of sounds with almost childish grain, as the voices of the world must have been originally. Little in certain places she let him concentrate on the words. The sense was lost in favor of music, monodic polyphony, another turn in circles and break through perspectives towards vertigo (and ordered chaos) a la Borromini. That rhythm, that chant, that spoken song made the void and carried upwards, somewhere, leaving all the others present and the others around, the bodies stretched out on the roundels on the ground like dust of stars in astronomical skies or of imaginary figures in astrological skies. It was a vibrating “with”, feeling “the love that moves the sun and the other stars”, the last verse, the breath of melting from the enchantment. Of the trip.

Massimo Marino, Doppiozero, 8 July 2022

…… Every moment is characterized by the music of Luigi Ceccarelli, which imbues all of itself, giving atmosphere and substance to the apparitions that follow one another, as in a beneficial dream. Eventually darkness invades the scene and it is then that the stars become more visible, and it is then that, lying on the lawn, they seem so close to us that they can touch them, witnesses once again of a “transhumanation” that here, on earth, only a theater imbued with wisdom and light can perhaps make us live.

Krapp’s Last Post 22 July 22 Mario Bianchi

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