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Luigi Ceccarelli


Porte à Faux [1981]

for double-bass, ring modulation, tape, 3 dancers and spatial structure.

project Lucia Latour, Luigi Ceccarelli, Marcello Federici

duration: 20 ‘

a performance by ALTRO Teatro

dancers – Irina Harris, Lucia Latour, Susanna Liso, Flavia Della Lunga
live electronics – Luigi Ceccarelli
double bass – Marcello Federici


July 15, 1980 Rimini, Teatro Italia
Sep 01, 1980 Cesenatico, Former Fish Market Hall
Jun  19, 1981 Rome, Sala Borromini, as part of the “Gruppo ALTRO 1972/1981” exhibition
Jul 23, 1989,, Perugia, Cloister of the Basilica of San Pietro, Electric-A-Music

Porte a Faux was also presented as part of the shows “Pas d’éspace” and “Prima Actione”


…. In Porte à faux the elements of the composition are four: magnetic tape, live double bass (Marcello Federici), three dancers in movement that provoke other movements of spatial objects upon contact, forming a structure, as we say inter-code.
Those doors that slam, those windows that open, those sharp blows have their own expressive and dramatic force. The device is very well built. The bodies that overturn on the wires are like electric shocks that cause sparks, dry and rapid noises, real “variations pour une porte et un soupir” (which is the title of a composition by Pierre Henry).
Every ornamental danger is removed: stylisms are avoided in order to focus on precise stylisms, leaving us with the desire to see continue a discourse of images and figures so measured as to seem even too discreet.

Alberto Testa, La Repubblica, 12 March 1981.

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