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Luigi Ceccarelli



Respiri – Wellington (NZ)

Sep , 24
Respiri – Wellington (NZ)

lc_stroma_corno_respiriWellington (New Zealand), November 16, 2017, 7:30 pm
City Gallery Wellington
Spectral Electric
Music from the frontiers of sound & technology

Stroma presents
RESPIRI (Breaths)
for prepared,  prepared horn and pre-recorded horn sounds
Ed Allen – prepared horn

Ed Allen tests out Luigi Ceccarelli’s Respiri
In SPECTRAL ELECTRIC, Luigi Ceccarelli’s piece Respiri requires the insertion of hosepipes into the horn, each of which is attached to a funnel, and miked separately. When each of the microphone signals is sent to a loudspeaker in a different corner of the room, the result is rapidly panning horn sounds that swirl around the listeners!

The images below show Ed testing out his custom-made setup, fashioned out of hoses he’d just used to water his garden…



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