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Luigi Ceccarelli



the album “Exsultet” now on Spotify

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Jan , 28
the album “Exsultet” now on Spotify

Compact Disc: Rai Trade RTC006 (2005)
gregorian chant and electroacoustic music
Exsultet, In Die Resurrectionis
performers: Giacomo Baroffio, Kim Eun Ju, Kantores 96, Sorores
total duration: 48′ 35″

CD Reviews

Even the most varied commentators may say that this dialogue between Gregorian chant and the artificial sounds produced, manipulated, incorporated and circulated by the computer is a mystical experience of the fifty-two-year-old composer from Rimini Luigi Ceccarelli. It is a spatial experience, instead, an “alien” experience ….. Luigi Ceccarelli recorded wonderful Gregorian chants performed by Giacomo Baroffio, Kim En Ju, the Kantores 96 and the Sorores choir, he transformed them with his machines while maintaining their charm, and he left for a very secular, moving, exhilarating, intimate journey into the cosmos.
(Mario Gamba – Il Manifesto, Alias ​​September 17, 2005)

……… .. In the heart of Ceccarelli’s intervention we discover a “poetics of reverberation”: a focus on the timbral micro-variations that the sacred environment (in Exsultet is the Fossanova Abbey) gives to the voice and which are normally too much quick to be perceived. The result has the flavor, not at all consoling, of a difficult journey into the unknown of the cosmos, in the direction of God: between long sidereal notes, whispered prayers and dust of everyday life.
(m.r.z. – Amadeus, October 2005)

……. Where do ancient Romanic chant and electronic processing meet? I would say at the root of the sound.
The voice seeks resonances in the very fibers of the performer and then refracts in the secret acoustics of the cathedrals. Electronics masters vibration and “re-creates” it ………

Carlo Boschi © Copyright 2004 – Biblio-net.com – June 16, 2005

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