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Tupac Amaru at L’Aquila Conservatory

Oct , 1
Tupac Amaru at L’Aquila Conservatory

L’Aquila, October 15, 2021, 7:30 pm
Conservatory of music “A. Casella”, Auditorium

Review of Sound and Intermedial Arts

Tupac Amaru, la deconquista, il Pachacuti
musical opera from a poem by Gianni Toti
voice Giovanna Mori
acousmatic version, diffusion 7.1 channels

This piece was born from a poetic text by Gianni Toti about the epos of Inca prince Tupac Amaru.
The action starts at the rising of indios against the spanish conquistadores, nine years before the French Revolution.
The conclusion of the poem takes place, though, in our time, and talks about the cruel ending of the kidnapping at the Japanese Embassy, caused by the present President of Peru.
In these epic vicissitudes past and present melt, mingle and get united within the legend of Latin American People’s liberation from the conquistadores of all times.

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