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Entanglement [2022]

for piano and electronics

for piano and electronics

Duration: 7′

First performance:
Cagliari, 16/10/2022, Festival Spazio Musica, Ilaria Baldaccini piano

Main performances ofi Entanglement:
Cerveteri (RM), 22/12/2023, Ilaria Baldaccini piano

Entanglement, for piano and electronics, starts from another composition of mine, quite distant in time, the 2002 Piano Sonata.
The musical materials that come from the Sonata change their function in contact with the electronics which adds a new dimension to the expressive space.
The electronics, in deferred time, enriches the potential of the instrument, expanding the sound spectrum, to the point of returning expanded clusters, or contracting it, isolating narrow frequency bands extrapolated from the tangles of the instrumental score.
Entanglement is dedicated to Ilaria Baldaccini.

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