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Musica mundana [2004]

for narrator and plucked string trio
Text from "De Institutione Musica" by Severino Boezio

Mundana Music (2004)
for narrator and plucked string trio
Text from “De Institutione Musica” by Severino Boezio
Duration: 4’30 ”

First performance: Ferrara, 05/06/2004, “Sounds for a day”
Trio Telejon (Sergio Zigiotti mandolin, Fabiano Merlante guitar, Elena Piva harp)

Severino Boetio’s De institutione musica is probably the oldest text in Western music theory. The depth and completeness, considering the era, with which the material is analyzed and exposed, places it as the foundation of a millenary tradition: re-reading it today seems to return admirably to the origin of all subsequent theories of music. Boethius sensed, among other things, the potential (and dangers) of the influence of musical art on the sphere of feelings and passions.
An ensemble of plucked strings, so linked to the twentieth century and yet so archaic, due to its decidedly antiromantic timbre preciousness, appears to be the ideal training to approach such a text which, in an erudite language not devoid of poetic impulses, reveals insights of surprising relevance .
Musica Mondana is dedicated to the Telejon trio who gave the first performance, in Ferrara, on June 5, 2004.
(Mauro Cardi, 26.12.2004)

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