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Recensione del CD “Manao Tupapau” (Records International)

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Recensione del CD “Manao Tupapau” (Records International)

Recensione del CD “Manao Tupapau”
Records International

MAURO CARDI (b.1955)
Manao Tupapau for Flute, Percussion, Tape and Live Electronics, e la notte rischiarava la notte for 3 MIDI players and Live Electronics, Fil rouge for Piano and String Trio, Trama for Solo Violin, Wind for Flute and Harp, The Spark to the Flame for 6 Instruments, Calendari Indiani for Soprano and 10 Instruments.

Manao Tupapau opens with a burst of sonic virtuosity, and throughout the work both the instrumental and electronic components of the score teem with sonorous inventiveness. This kind of preoccupation with sound is typical of the composer’s recent work, and accounts for the increasing appearance of electronic media in his music, but timbre, as well as a powerful kinetic dynamism permeates his works for conventional instruments as well, both recent (Fil rouge, 1997, for Piano Quartet) and earlier (Calendari Indiani, of 1990, which uses Native American folk texts woven into a rich tapestry of instrumental sound). Various soloists. BMG Ricordi CMRCD1053 (Italy)

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