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Luigi Ceccarelli


Anima di Metallo [1990]

for three percussionists and sampled percussion sounds

duration: 15'

commission; Ars Ludi, Festival Musica Verticale – Roma
1st performance: Universita’della Calabria, Cosenza 16/07/90 – performers: Ars Ludi


Jul 16, 90 – Universita’della Calabria, Cosenza
Oct 01, 90 – L’Aquila, 2o Festival delle Arti Musicali, Teatro S.Agostino
Nov 12, 91 – Roma, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Festival Musica Verticale
Mar 11-12, 92 – Catania, Teatro Metropolitan, Assoc. Musicale Etnea
Mar 27, 93 – Cesenatico, Teatro Comunale
Sep 20, 95 – Madrid, Conservatorio Nazionale, rassegna CEMAT
May 18, 07 – Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Festival della Matematica, Lame
Sep 25, 07 – Rimini, Sagra Musicale Malatestiana, Teatro degli Atti
Jan 30, 08 – Roma, Università di Roma Torvergata, Stagione dei Concerti
Sep 9, 17 – Roma, Festival Arte Scienza, Teatro Vascello

as part of “Macchine Virtuose
Anima di Metallo is a section of “Macchine Virtuose”,
a staged concert by Luigi Ceccarelli with the scenographer Gianfranco Lucchino
Oct 27, 94 – Roma, Acquario Romano, “Progetto Musica ’94”
Sep 21, 96 – Ferrara, Aterforum Festival, Teatro Comunale

Anima di metallo is the attempt to merge in a single whole the qualities of percussion music from different cultures: African tribality, Buddhist spirituality, the toughness and strength of the “Industrial” genre, the complexity of electronic music.

Metallic percussion instruments are brought together in “Anima di Metallo”: Balinese gongs, Thai and Western gongs, Chinese cymbals, crotales and heavy bells. these instruments are divided into three sets, each played by a percussionist. A bass drum is added to each set. To have greater variability in pitches, some sounds of the same percussion have been previously stored in a sampler.

and are played by percussionists using electronic pads. However, there are no pre-recorded sequences. Percussionists play instruments and samplers at the same time.
The composition is conceived as a superimposition of simple rhythms at different speeds and asymmetrical accents which, while following an identical reference metric, create a complex structure.

Anima di Metallo (1990) with the Ars Ludi ensemble trio on stage (Antonio Caggiano, Rodolfo Rossi, Gianluca Ruggeri). Instruments of the Indonesian Gamelan produce first pointillistic sequences then deflagrations. But always of deaf, workshop sounds. Obviously the electronic control unit enriches, expands, differentiates to the maximum. Wide spaces to the regular, square scan, but each set of beats is a microcosm of timbres and refractions. And soon the “arrhythmia” of the start resumes. To conclude on a telluric mix of drums and metals.
Mario Gamba – Il Manifesto October 6, 2007


Anima di Metallo, says the title of the song that closes the concert dedicated to music by Luigi Ceccarelli at the Roman Aquarium. Because everything is artificial in this prodigious inventor of sounds. Everything is urban, metropolitan, technological, but also a jazz soul. Extraordinary, memorable concert. With four times the average audience of contemporary music. Different, not starched ….. And Ceccarelli found the right opportunity to reveal himself as he surely is: one of the most important composers in business today. ……. deaf resonances of gamelan orchestra, Balinese culture, jazz culture, changing lights and fluorescent metal tongues dancing on the white backdrop. Cult objects of the pop-technological era, disco effect, with a paroxysmal, authentically tribal ending.
Il Manifesto October 30, 94

Anima di Metallo is published on two CDs

CD – Macchine Virtuose
Ars Ludi Plays Luigi Ceccarelli
CD: Edipan CCD 3062 total time: 55′
(Aura in Visibile, Aleph con Zero, Discussione del 3000, Anima di Metallo)
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CD – Ars Ludi – Percussione e oltre
with Anima di Metallo
and pieces by Bagella, Bianchini, Lupone, Battista
CD: Musica Verticale MV 101 (out of stock)


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