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Luigi Ceccarelli


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for bass clarinet and prerecorded elaborated sounds of clarinet and birds songs

Composizione Due
for 5 double basses and a solo instrument

Il Contatore di Nuvole
for piano and pre-recorded sounds of prepared piano

De Zarb a Daf
for zarb, daf and pre-recorded sounds of zarb and daf

Incontro con Rama
for trombone and delay-fedback device

Koan I
for Sib clarinet and prepared piano

Koan II
for oboe and prepared piano

for violin with ring-modulator and seven amplified intruments

La Naturale Condizione del Moto
for nine winds (fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bs, 2 horns) and live electronics

for string quartet and sampled sound of strings

Machine a Couper le Temps
for double quartet (Tr, Trb,  horn and percussion)

for alto sax and pre-recorded sounds of saxes - stereo version and surround version

for Bb clarinet and pre-recorded sounds of clarinet

for horn and pre-recorded sounds of horn

Titanic & Icarus spa
for 3 cymbals, 2 tam tam, 4 vibrating exciter and feedback device