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Luigi Ceccarelli


Etaoin Shrdlu

LP –
ElectraVox Ensemble II

Etaoin Shrdlu

for contrabass, live electronics and tape
performers: ElectraVox Ensemble
Record Edipan PAN PRC S20 – 46 – BUY Online

also contains
Thin by Walter Branchi
for a suspended cimbal and a tam-tam with quadraphonic amplification
Luigi Ceccarelli and David Keberle – suspended cymbal
Renzo Brocculi and Marcello Federici – Tam Tam

Accordo Presunto by Guido Baggiani
for two pianos, cymbals and two tam-tams
Tonino Battista – director
David Keberle and Francesco Piazza – suspended cymbals
Marcello Federici and Renzo Brocculi – tam tam
Mariacarla Notarstefano and Stefano Ragni – pianos
Luigi Ceccarelli – live electronics