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Luigi Ceccarelli


Fedeli d’Amore [2018]

polyptych in seven parts for Dante Alighieri
text by Marco Martinelli

music Luigi Ceccarelli

directed by Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari
Ermanna Montanari on stage
and Simone Marzocchi - trumpet

Fedeli d’Amore (Faithful of Love) offers itself as a scenic poem, divided into seven paintings that, through an original artistic osmosis, drag you into the bewitching magic of a theater of voices and sounds, an intense reflection of a multifaceted reality. In the pulsating creativity of a research work that combines voice, music and acting, listening to the paintings becomes an immersive journey into the world of Dante Alighieri portrayed in the last moments of his life.

Marco Martinelli made in 2021 the film on the text and music of Fedeli d’Amore but with completely new images.
The soundtrack and lyrics of the film are exactly the same as in the play.

Fedeli d’Amore – FILM
directed by Marco Martinelli
music Luigi Ceccarelli – voice Ermanna Montanari

with Sergio Scarlatella, Ermanna Montanari, Luigi Dadina and with citizens and adolescents of Ravenna
co-production Ravenna Teatro / Teatro delle Albe with Antropotopia
and with the contribution of the Italian Cultural Institute of Abu Dhabi and Assicoop Romagna Futura general agent Unipol Sai Assicurazioni

il Teatro delle Albe presents
fedeli d’Amore
polittico in sette quadri per Dante Alighieri


text by Marco Martinelli
direction Ermanna Montanari and Marco Martinelli

music Luigi Ceccarelli

trumpet Simone Marzocchi
sound design
 Marco Olivieri
sets and costumes Ermanna Montanari and Anusc Castiglioni
shadows Anusc Castiglioni
lighting design Enrico Isola
lights and video technician Fagio
shadows technician Alessandro Pippo Bonoli
music recorded at Edison Studio Roma
music consultancy Francesco Altilio, Giulio Cintoni, Cristian Maddalena, Mirjana Nardelli, Fabrizio Nastari, Giovanni Tancredi, Andrea Veneri
iconographic consultancy Alessandro Volpe
promotion and organization Silvia Pagliano, Francesca Venturi
press office Rosalba RuggeriJune

production Teatro delle Albe/Ravenna Teatro in collaboration with Fondazione Campania dei Festival – Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

June 15 – 17,  2018 – Naples, Teatro Sannazzaro, Napoli Teatro Festival
October 20 – 21, 2018 – Timisoara (Romania), Hungarian State Theater
November 27  – December 6, 2018, Ravenna, Teatro Rasi
February 12, 2019, Potenza, Teatro Stabile di Potenza
February 16, 2019, Lecce, Cantieri Teatrali Koreja
February 20, 2019, Noto (Siracusa), Teatro Comunale Tina di Lorenzo
March 6, 2019, Carpi (Modena), Teatro Comunale
December 3, 2019, Verona, Teatro Nuovo
December 10-15, 2019, Milano, Teatro Elfo Puccini
January 14-15, 2020, Modena, Teatro delle Passioni
January 25, 2020, Pordenone, Teatro Verdi
January 28, 2020, Forlì, Teatro Diego Fabbri
January 31 – February 2, 2020, Torino, Teatro Astra
February 11, 2020, Faenza, Teatro Masini
February 14, 2020, Rimini, Teatro Galli
November 3, 2021, Cattolica (RN), Teatro della Regina
November 5, 2021, Casalecchio di Reno (BO), Teatro Laura Betti
November 17-18, 2021, Madrid (Spain), Festival de Otoño, Teatro de la Abadia
December 3, 2021, Fidenza (Parma), Teatro G. Magnani
December 16, 2021, Scandiano (RE), Teatro Boiardo

photos by Enrico Fedrigoli

Fedeli d’Amore is published on CD, on Spotify and in the main online stores

Fedeli d’Amore is published on CD
buy the CD

1 – It is the fog that speaks, in a dawn of 1321
2 – It is the demon of the low who screams
3 – It is the donkey on the cross that remembers
4 – It ‘s the devil of the snub joking
5 – It is Italy that kicks itself
6 – It is Antonia, the poet’s daughter
7 – It is the end that is not an end
total duration 51:57

live recording of the performance
published by Stradivarius
n. STR37156 catalog


The mystery of the sound poem

Among the most successful and vital experiences of contemporary music in Italy and in particular in the field of musical theater there is certainly the collaboration between the Teatro delle Albe and the composer Luigi Ceccarelli.
The superstar actress Ermanna Montanari and the director and playwright Marco Martinelli have been in the foreground of the Ravenna-based company for many years. On Ceccarelli’s side there is his activity as a leading composer, beyond the avant-gardes, a visionary / hedonist musician who uses technology for both writing and live but also uses acoustic instruments often dealing with them with a computer.
Ermanna Montanari in the productions alongside Ceccarelli is a vocalist in the full musical sense of the term. Not intoning anything but acting with accents that reveal an unprecedented musicality. Collecting and reinventing the legacy of a Carmelo Bene (do you remember «Mayakovskij» with Bussotti then Gelmetti then Giani Luporini?). This happens in “Isola di Alcina” (2000), as in the rock opera “La mano” (2005). Thus in «Lus» (2015), perhaps the masterpiece of the series, a monodrama with few directing ideas. Here I am from the game Ceccarelli at live electronic and Daniele Roccato at double bass. Together with Montanari, grappling with an irresistible text in the Romagna language by Nevio Spadoni, they form a stage-sound trio of absolute importance.

But the series continues with “faithful of Love”, subtitle: “polyptych in seven paintings for Dante Alighieri” (2018). Now on CD (Stradivarius) to better study the autonomously musical substance. Another monodrama, a text by Martinelli. The Teatro delle Albe is not among the protagonists on the cover. There are Montanari and Ceccarelli.
The text gets it right, though. A lot, maybe too much. It is partly in the Romagna language and partly (predominantly) in Italian. And the earthy / lunar musicality of Montanari is precisely in the parts in Italian that it loses some of its evidence. The actress maintains the very high level of acting, but is a great theatrical and a little less original, a great musician with the voice, with the word, with the voice-body that aligns and upsets and strange words, irregular rhythms of words.
Ceccarelli is more a musician “for” the poem (rich in Dante’s invectives and divine ecstasy) than a musician “with” the overflowing performer. He does not fail to invent ingenious situations As with the sounds of his machines in the first painting: liquid, astral, mysterious. As in the background “alla Miles” of the trumpet (by Simone Marzocchi) in the mystical part of the third painting. As in the trumpet-voice duet at the beginning of the fourth painting, where imagination and hypotheses revolve around the Art Ensemble of Chicago.

Mario Gamba – Il Manifesto – November 14, 2020 – Alias ​​- Ostinato

projection of the film “Fedeli d’Amore”

March 26, 2022 Rai Tre (national TV channel)  1:15 am
Fuori Orario – cose (mai) viste
first viewing on tv

January 20, 2022 – Milano, Filmaker Fest
March 23, 2022 – Trieste, iMilleocchi Festival, Cinema Ariston
March 25-27, 2022 – Ravenna, Cinemacity
March 31, 2022 – Faenza, Il Masini, Ridotto

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