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Luigi Ceccarelli


Isla Coco [1987]

C'è un luogo che vorrei attraversare a lungo dolcemente
(There is a place that I would like to cross gently for a long time)

musical theater work
co-authors: ElectraVox Ensemble

musical theater work
for clarinet, trombone, double bass with live electronics,
ambient sounds, a dancer and a multivision

ElectraVox Ensemble
Marcello Federici – double bass
David Keberle – clarinet
Renzo Brocculi – trombone
Beverley Sandwith – dancer
Luigi Ceccarelli – sound direction and live electronics

drawings – Mario Bizzarri
choreography – Beverley Sandwith
costumes. Maria Liljefors
photography – Stefano Rinaldi
multivision – Luigi Ceccarelli, Renato Piselli

duration: 50 ‘

production: Nuova Musica Italiana Festival – Rome
Edipan editions


06/11/85 – Roma, Nuova Musica Italiana, Teatro Flaiano
26/10/87 – Longiano, Teatro Petrella
01/11/87 – Camerino, Festival dell’Arte Elettronica
22/11/87 – Cagliari, Festival Spaziomusica
16/04/88 – Perugia, Teatro Morlacchi, Assoc. Amici della Musica
01/07/88 – Roma, Festival di Villa Massimo, Accademia Tedesca
09/10/88 – Bari, Festival di Musica Contemporanea
15/06/89 – Grenoble (France), Festival “38me Rugissants”
01/09/90 – Locarno (Swiss), Art Video Festival

“Isla Coco” has a narrative structure: it tells the story of a shipwreck and in particular of the exploration of the island on which the surviving shipwreck lands.
The succession of images describes the discoveries of the island and the gradual evolution of exploration, which from an exploration of the territory is increasingly internalized to become an exploration of the unconscious. Reality gradually merges with the inner experience of the castaway until it becomes a fantastic journey into the purest imaginary. In the end, the return to reality will reveal that the island and the unconscious, interacting, have undergone a transformation, making them part of a single organic.
This narrative system, in which the description of the

events is often metaphorical, it is the perimeter within which image and sound create a multiplicity of changing, concrete and abstract situations. The musical idea of the work considers both instrumental sounds and concrete ambient sounds. These two categories are often overlapped to the point of losing any recognizability: the instrumental sound will then take on the characteristics of a fantastic environment.
The visual part was created starting from figurative and abstract drawings, and the photographic processing allows to generate the same transitions that operate in the musical context. The movement of the dancer produces a three-dimensional expansion of the game of transformations that the costumes underline by taking up the textures of the strongly enlarged images.

Electravox Ensemble 1986 – Marcello Federici, Renzo Brocculi, David Keberle, Luigi Ceccarelli nello studio Edipan

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