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Luigi Ceccarelli


La Lu La [1984]

music for the performance by ALTRO Teatro
with the participation of Amelia Rosselli

choreographic project Lucia Latour and Roberta Lezzi
visual project Elena Green
sound organization Luigi Ceccarelli

duration 50 ‘

diction Amelia Rosselli

dancers Lucia Latour, Monica Mazzei, Bruna di Pasquale, Beverley Sandwith, Gloria Mujica, Olimpia Scardi, Monica Taroni

collaborators Irina Harris, Gloria Mujica, Paolo Ricci
technical director Romano Martinis
sound engineer Tonino Battista

production Altro Teatro dance company

12 June 84 – Rome, Ghione Theater
20 – 26 March 85, Rome, Politecnico Theater
April 29-May 5, 1985 – Paris, Paris Art Center

Starting from the existential changes caused by technological processes, systems of knowledge and concepts of life in emotions and in the way of thinking, we are naturally led to the need for a rhythmic change.
One of the current codifications between sound, movement, space, image and word is actually rhythm. Discovering a new concept of rhythm, its quality, and the different approaches is the research on which this work is based. In this show the fundamental relationship is that which passes between movement and costume intended as an accessory of the body: where the dance is determined by residues of acquired and released rhythm, dependent on the objects themselves.

The existence of a preferred tempo, that of the presence of the dancers, the displacement of the rhythms, the light-dark rhythm, the regulatory mechanisms, the coupling, the synchronization are the structuring rhythmic situations of the show. The dancers move, whether they are seen or not: a rhythmic system of relationships between light and darkness manipulated by the dancers themselves, this is the tool available to the spectator to relate to all the theatrical action. The sound structure is conceived as a collage of rhythmic fragments, which with the words spoken live, pre-recorded voices and sounds, defines a series of references on which, as sound accessories, the different actions are based.

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