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Luigi Ceccarelli


La S-ciupteda (The Shotgun)

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LA S-CIUPTÈDA (The shotgun)

monologues in the Romagna dialect of San Mauro Pascoli by Gianfranco Miro Gori

Elena Bucci – voice
Luigi Ceccarelli – elettronica and sound direction
Paolo Ravaglia – clarinets

CD 50 min, BOOK 14×18,5, 48 pages
Price: € 16,00 ISBN: 978-88-85747-13-5.

editorial promotion Goodfellas
distribution Messaggerie Libri.

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On 10 August 1867 Ruggero Pascoli was killed in an ambush while returning home in a carriage. The crime, which resounds in the poems of his son Giovanni – suffice it to mention “X Agosto” and “La Cavallina storna” – goes unpunished. In the years that followed, a lot of research was published and several hypotheses about its genesis and ways were advanced.
The monologues of La s-ciuptèda return to the story, which are partly the result of invention and partly based on written documents and oral stories. Composed in the Romagna dialect of San Mauro Pascoli, the language in which they happened and which they need to be recalled, they give voice to the real or alleged protagonists: e ‘mórt’ mazè (the murdered dead), l’asasòin (the murderer ), la vèdva (the widow), the urfan: la Ghita and Giacòun (the orphans: Margherita and Giacomo, who were the eldest), and ‘e mandènt (the principal). The protagonists correspond to short voices of people in relation to them. On the first, it is “e mórt” mazè, and “e garzòun” (the boy). On the second, l’asasòin dl’asasòin (the murderer of the murderer). At the third to al surèli (the sisters). In the quarters i fradél (brothers). On the fifth i samauróis (the citizens of San Mauro).