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Metropolis at Forlì – Rocca Sforzesca

by admin
Jun , 29
Metropolis at Forlì – Rocca Sforzesca

Forlì, July 10  2024 – 9:30 pm
Arena Rocca Sforzesca
organized by Area Sismica in collaboration with the municipality of Forlì

an Edison Studio production
The new live electroacoustic soundtrack of

a movie by Fritz Lang
duration 148 minutes

creation and performance by Edison Studio

Mauro Cardi, Luigi Ceccarelli, Alessandro Cipriani, Vincenzo Core, Andrea Veneri

with the vocal contribution of Anna Clementi,
Martin Figura, Eric Moser, Marco Noia, and Andreas Otto

Director’s cut version with titles in German subtitled in Italian.
The film is provided by Cineteca di Bologna (restoration carried out in 2010 by
Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung and Deutsche Kinemathek)

co-commission by Milano Musica and Ravenna Festival
with the collaboration of Tempo Reale – Florence

The meeting between Fritz Lang’s film and Edison Studio is more than a film concert. The Italian group has had as profound an effect on film as 3D or IMAX camera technology has on contemporary cinema. In addition to musical twists stylistically in accordance with the art deco specificity of the images, they beautifully create an entire sound universe, effectively giving voice to the characters and filling the air with live sound effects. Sounds come from everywhere, broken into echoes, abstract synth tangents, mechanical movements, until Metropolis seems more 3D than Avatar, grander than Dune, and more contemporary than I could have imagined. I left Bontida more of a cinephile than I arrived. What more could you want from a great event?

Mircea Lasio, July 17, 2024, AperiTIFF – Official magazine of TIFF – Transilvania International Film Festival

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