Sounds Of Silences


Through the reinterpretation of sound historical films of the silent cinema, today returned visible to the general public the forgotten masterpieces of the silent cinema. The music, starting from the attention to the stamp that features the instrumental music, electronic and electroacoustic, can become one of the main architects of this rebirth. Not simply “accompany”, but revealing hidden content, giving new voice to the otherwise silent, the sound of today can contribute to a redefinition of the meaning, aesthetics and structure of the film in the works prior to the advent of sound.
In this context the association Edison Studio, in collaboration with SIAE and part of the “SIAE – classics today,” announces the international composition competition Sounds of Silences in order to stimulate musical creativity in its interaction with the audiovisual medium.
The competition includes a preliminary stage after which three finalists selected on the basis of submitted works, will be called upon to create a soundtrack for a short feature electroacoustic the years ’10 -’20 chosen by Edison Studio. The jury will award prizes to the finalists on the basis of a ranking.

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