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ZARBING – iranian percussion and electronics [2002]

Mahamad Ghavi-Helm
zarb, daf, voice and percussions

music by
Mauro Cardi, Luigi Ceccarelli
Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Alessandro Cipriani

Iranian percussion and electronics

Mahamad Ghavi-Helm, zarb, daf, voice and percussions
Edison Studio, live electronics and sound direction
music by
Mauro Cardi, Luigi Ceccarelli, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Alessandro Cipriani
Edison Studio production

Alessandro Cipriani, Bi Ma (Devoid of Self) (2002), for persussions, voice and electronics
Mauro Cardi, Alba (2002), for zarb and electronics
Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Altri Passaggi (2001), for zarb, two daf and electronics
Luigi Ceccarelli, De Zarb à Daf (1997), for zarb, daf and electronics

November 21, 2002 – Roma, Sala Casella, Edison Studio Incontri, Festival “Progetto Musica”
May 11,  2004 – Roma, IRAM 2004, Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia
August 27,  2008 – Belfast (UK) ICMC – Intenational Computer Music Conference, Mandela Hall

Mahammad Ghavi-Helm was born in 1951 in Tehran, where he trained at the Superior Conservatory of Music. He then continued his studies in France under Sylvio Gualda. In addition to his activities as a solo performer he holds seminars on the art of improvisation in Iranian percussion and he teaches western percussion at the Conservatories of Palaiseau (near Paris) and Bourges. Ghavi-Helm has played with many of the foremost master musicians of Iran.

He has performed and made recordings all over Europe, Asia and America. Mahammad Ghavi-Helm’s encounter with Edison Studio led to a show in which East and West blend, with a music that includes and cuts across Iranian traditional music, new technology and contemporary music. There are four pieces in the program. In “Bi Ma” (Devoid of Self) by Alessandro Cipriani a man is surrounded by the metallic clinking and jingling of cymbals and bells.

He plays them without looking at them, and he seems to become completely filled with sound. In “Alba” (Sunrise) by Mauro Cardi a circular motion pervades the score, with inner journeys in search of oneself. “Altri Passaggi” (Other Passages) by Fabio Ciardi represents an initiation of the listener into the mystery of the drum, as a bridge between heaven and earth, the mother of all things. “De Zarb à Daf” by Luigi Ceccarelli is a tribute to this master from Tehran, an innovator of Zarb playing technique, and this piece is also a virtual bridge between the ancient traditional manual technique and new digital technology.

Il Concerto è pubblicato in CD

Durata totale: 58′ 34″
Luigi Ceccarelli – De Zarb à Daf
Alessandro Cipriani – Bi Ma (Devoid of Self)
Fabio Cifariello Ciardi – Altri Passaggi
Mauro Cardi – Alba
Mahammad Ghavi-Helm, zarb, daf, voci e percussioni metalliche
production Edison Studio per La Frontiera e RAI Trade
CD – La Frontiera LFDL 18401 – RaiTrade RTP0090

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