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Luigi Ceccarelli



Aura in Visibile.2 – Latina

Sep , 26
Aura in Visibile.2 – Latina

LC_VibratorLatina, October 6  2019, foyer of the Conservatory of Music “O.Respighi”, ore 9 – 18

Festival le Forme del Suono
contemporary music
Convention: The power of the vibration

Aura in Visibile.2
for piano and vibrating exciters
duration: undefined
production Edison Studio

“What does a piano do without a pianist? Does it wait, meditate, evoke, or is it simply there? Does it feel nostalgia for the human? Perhaps the absence of a human is simply the nostalgia that it feels for itself… for the sound, the timbre, and the tone.” (from Bianco Nero Piano Forte)

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