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Luigi Ceccarelli



Il Contatore di Nuvole at Matera MA/IN

May , 21
Il Contatore di Nuvole at Matera MA/IN

June 12, 2021, 8 pm
Matera, Casa Cava

MA/IN – Matera Intermedia Festival
concert M_1

Luigi Ceccarelli
Il Contatore di Nuvole
for piano and prepared piano sounds
piano Roberto Durante (Ensemble l’Arsenale)

The cloud counter trade is not easy. Clouds change shape every moment: they unite with each other, separate, appear and vanish into nothingness all the time. The cloud counter will never reach a definitive result, his is a frustrating job with little satisfaction.
Note counters also have more or less the same difficulty. The more they try to predict, calculate, structure, the more the nature of music escapes them.

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