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Luigi Ceccarelli



Se Resistere Dipende dal Cuore at Ravenna Festival

Jul , 22
Se Resistere Dipende dal Cuore at Ravenna Festival

Ravenna, July 11 2023, 9 pm
Teatro Rasi
Ravenna Festival 2023

(if resisting depends on the art)
listening to Amelia Rosselli

by and with Elena Bucci e Luigi Ceccarelli 

on texts by Amelia Rosselli elaborated and interpreted by Elena Bucci
Luigi Ceccarelli performer, live electronics

Andrea Veneri sound direction
Daria Grispino lights, in collaboration with Max Mugnai

produced by Edison Studio, Le Belle Bandiere, Nuova Consonanza, Ravenna Festiv

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An experiment of synthesis between voice and sound, suspended between writing and improvisation, takes us back to the sister roots of these arts. Amelia Rosselli’s voice, authentic and transparent, lets a glimpse of a soul and becomes music: echoes of different languages, soaring, monochords and hypnotic, furies and sweetness. She inspires a drama that mixes life and art: interviews, biographies, stories, photos, a powerful, ironic and heartbreaking poem, an insidious disease, an original and complex family. Her mystery doesn’t dissolve, but grows, leaving a trail of questions and the dance between Luigi and Elena moves. Sound and voice are born from each other, drawing an ever-changing sound story: at times the mystery of a woman poet who escapes and gives herself to the world is illuminated, awakening in us the nostalgia of a place from which we all come.

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