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Luigi Ceccarelli



Dante’s Paradiso – Ravenna Festival

May , 26
Dante’s Paradiso – Ravenna Festival

June 24 – July 8 (except Mondays) 2022
Ravenna, Public Park, 8 pm

Ravenna Festival

public call for Dante’s “The Divine Comedy”


ideation and artistic direction
Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari

music by Luigi Ceccarelli
Ravenna Festival Commission
with the collaboration of
Vincenzo Core – electric guitar
Raffaele Marsicano – trombone
Giacomo Piermatti – double bass
Gianni Trovalusci – flutes
Andrea Veneri – live electronics
and with Mirella Mastronardi – vocals

sound diffusion system
D&B Soundscape – BH Audio

on stage
Ermanna Montanari, Marco Martinelli, Luigi Dadina, Alessandro Argnani, Roberto Magnani, Laura Redaelli, Alessandro Renda, Camilla Berardi and the citizens of the Public Call

stage space and costumes
students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera Milan-School of Scenography and Costume Coordinated by Edoardo Sanchi and Paola Giorgi

sound design Marco Olivieri
lighting design Fabio Sajiz

production Ravenna Festival / Teatro Alighieri
in partnership with
Teatro delle Albe / Ravenna Theater
with the extraordinary contribution of the Municipality of Ravenna
commissioned by Ravenna Festival

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