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Luigi Ceccarelli



Dimore dei Suoni

May , 10
Dimore dei Suoni

Roma (Ita), May 16, 2014 – 9pm
RAI – Auditorium Sala A – via Asiago 10
Teatro Ateneo Center in collaboration with Rai Radio3

fifth edition of the workshop sound dramaturgy
by Valentina Valentini
4 lessons entertainment /4 radio broadcasts
lessons and radio broadcasts #3
Luigi Ceccarelli – Notes for a Musical Theatre
Informations and reservations: teatro3@rai.it


Dimore dei Suoni
fifth edition of the sound dramaturgy workshop
curated by Valentina Valentini
4 performances lessons / 4 radio broadcasts
lesson and transmission n.3
Luigi Ceccarelli – Notes for a Musical Theater
reservations required by writing to: teatro3@rai.it

Musical theater, referring to the compositions of Luigi Ceccarelli, is not included in the genre, because, in the era of globalized society, “counting musical genres is misleading ….”, claims the musician.
His scores include radio plays, installations, theatrical and dance performances, videos, in an interaction and an incessant search for synthesis between the visual and vocal and sound elements. The timbres, rhythms and intonations coming from voices and musical instruments are reworked with analogue instruments and digital equipment and produce, from time to time, multidimensional spaces aimed at welcoming, from a written text, new stories, with different dialogues: discussions which sometimes become abstract and whose rhythms and tones range with an amplitude that goes from whispers to the most pressing frenzies.

Selected performances

Abominable A, the first composition for a dance show created by Ceccarelli in 1979 with the group “ALTRO, intercodice working group”: all the words of the Italian vocabulary beginning with the letter “A”, are read in sequence by voices with different timbre, rhythm and intonation, reworked with analog electronic instruments such as filters and modulators and with magnetic tape mounting techniques.

Discussione del 3000, extracted from the music of the show Anihccam with choreographies by Lucia Latour (1991), inspired by the futurist painter Fortunato Depero: two percussionists, produce an abstract verbal discussion, with original voice, reworked on the computer.
Tupac Amaru, musical work from a poem by Gianni Toti (1997). It is a live performance with a narrator by Giovanna Mori and sound processing, video shooting and image processing carried out in real time.

La Commedia della Vanità, radio drama in three acts (1999), from the text by Elias Canetti, with adaptation and direction by Giorgio Presburger, in which voices and sounds merge giving rise to a work of great intensity characterized by strong sound colors and a fast-paced and frenetic pace. Also presented as a play at the 1998 Mittelfest.

Requiem, musical theater experiment, made with the Fanny & Alexander company (2001). For this experimental contemporary opera, which is also a theatrical performance at the same time, Ceccarelli created a composition for voices, trombone, environments and sound machines.

La Mano, represented for the first time by the Teatro delle Albe company (2005), is an emblematic story of rock music, in which the instruments of rock – voice, guitar, bass and drums – are recorded and assembled in the studio with digital equipment, creating a synthesis between word and vision.

Bianco Nero Piano Forte, site specific project (Ravenna, 2009) consisting of 24 pieces, linked to photos by Silvia Lelli and texts by Mara Cantoni, with different voices. The sound setting draws its voice from the piano (lying on its side, with the strings “played” by vibration exciters) and transforms the visual path into a multidimensional space, translating the written words into infinite sounds in dialogue with the instrument
(M.C. Reggio).


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