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Luigi Ceccarelli



Gleam at Forlì Open Music Festival

Oct , 15
Gleam at Forlì Open Music Festival

Forlì, Saturday 4 November 2022, 9.30 pm
Area Sisimica
Forlì Open Music 2023

instant Composition

Gianni Trovalusci – flutes and sound tubes
Luigi Ceccarelli – live electronics


……Vitalism. Exhilaration of sound in all its appearances, classic and “delirious”, connected to a consequentiality and unanchored from any connection or landing. Fun to the point of hedonism. Thinking from both  at the highest level of vividness and depth. Sequences imbued with enjoyment with the pleasure of hermetically cantabile phrasing and seismic explosions………
Mario Gamba – il Manifesto

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