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Luigi Ceccarelli


Gleam – Ceccarelli Trovalusci [2021]

Electro Acoustic Instant Composition

Gianni Trovalusci flutes and sound tubes
Luigi Ceccarelli live elecronics

The album GLEAM by Luigi Ceccarelli and Gianni Trovalusci published by Folderol
was reported among the best records of 2023 by:

Il Manifesto, Alias – Mario Gamba
Il Giornale della Musica – Nazim Comunale
Blow Up – Nazim Comunale
Battiti – Rai Radio 3 – Ariele Monti
Battiti – Rai Radio 3 – Toni de Martino

This morning I received the CD that you kindly sent me
I couldn’t resist and listened to it straight away
It’s useless to compliment you two, excellent musicians
but I’ll do them for you anyway because the job is not only well done
(also as a recording)
it is very diverse, with poignantly poetic moments
fragments of sounds, constellations, depths,
abysses downwards or upwards
earth and sky
obviously I will listen again
a hug                                              Renzo Cresti

GLEAM. Electro Acoustic Music
Gianni Trovalusci flutes and sound tubes
Luigi Ceccarelli live elecronics

GLEAM is born from the meeting of two artists dedicated to Sound and its possible repetitions and mutations.. This signification is the basis of the concept of a research honestly able of indicating and marking a precise and defined direction: whith Gleam something ‘lights up’ and the adventure begins.
The dominant sound element of GLEAM’s research is the Breath, which Trovalusci declines with various flutes and sound tubes and Ceccarelli mixes and transforms with live electronic processing.

Concert reviews

Seventh edition for Forlì Open Music, one of the most important international events dedicated to the multiple musical languages of the present, with the artistic direction of Area Sismica. Notes to the present is this year’s title, even if with the live performance of Luigi Ceccarelli (electronics) and Gianni Trovalusci (flutes) we are in a distant future. The composer’s thinking machines flood the black room of Ravaldino in Monte with enigmas, directly processing the sounds of the flautist, already working with Roscoe Mitchell, in a prodigious alchemy; teeming from the underworlds, cosmic and intimate explorations, a magmatic and very free flow, which moves according to a trend that has something symphonic, between instant composition, free Electronics, pure avant-garde, music of the spheres and post-bomb ambient. A true hymn to the freedom of creation: masterful.
Nazim Comunale, 9 November 2023, Il Manifesto – Visions

Space explorers
Strengthened by a recent and convincing recording project – Gleam for Folderol – Ceccarelli and Trovalusci give us many emotions. The closeness between the live electronics, the synthetic sound and the extreme physicality of the flute does not clash, in fact it works great. Trovalusci uses, with supreme mastery, almost the entire family of flutes, like a rich palette from which he draws colours, pastel, dark, bright. He draws, models abstract phrases, through slaps, blows, whistles and sighs that Ceccarelli, as a great master craftsman of sound, captures, makes of him, dismantles and recomposes them, returns them as a new composition, with which the flute finds itself . This peculiarity, an alienating circular game of mirrors, where sounds bounce and multiply, makes us lose ourselves in the deepest meanders of even meditative exploration. Towards the end Trovalusci uses one of his long pipes, changes the sound world which becomes more ancestral, and then closes with the flute in C, in an almost celestial environment.
Paolo Carradori, Forlì Open Music in Six Movements (November 4, 2023) – Le Salon Musical

….The Gleam duo, composed of Luigi Ceccarelli on electronics and Gianni Trovalusci on flutes, takes its name from the eponymous album published for Folderol. The timbral range of the flutes (piccolo, transverso, alto, bass) – enriched by blown, smoothed, slap and stopped sounds – is modified, retransmitted and multiplied by electronic procedures. A fascinating process of synthesis and transformation of sound into a sort of “meta sound”, the result of a continuous exchange of signals that makes the comparison between machine and breath not only possible, but also effective, even when Trovalusci holds a sound tube at like a didjeridoo, adding something ancestral to the sound palette…
Enzo Boddi, Gli impervi percorsi della ricerca, Musica Jazz, 13/11/2023

November 6, 2021 – Naples, S. Maria in Gerusalemme Monastic Complex, Dissonanzen 2021 – BAGLIORI
March 10, 2022 – Cagli (PU), Terre Sonore, Fano Jazz Network, Theater of Cagli
July 10, 2022 – Chamois (Aosta-Italy), festival Alt(r)i Ascolti
November 4, 2023 – Forlì (Italy), Forlì Open Music, Area Sismica

Gleam whit Daniele Roccato and Michele Rabbia
Dialoghi sopra l’incantesimo del suono

March 12, 2022 – L’Aquila, season of the Barattelli Foundation, Auditorium del Parco

from Il Manifesto – 19/07/2023, Mario Gamba

All the thrill of sound
Vitalism. thrill of sound in all its appearances, classic and “delirious”, linked to a consequentiality and detached from any connection or landing place. Fun up to hedonism. Thought of both ….  at the highest level of vividness and depth. Sequences imbued with enjoyment with pleasure of hermetically singable phrasing and seismic explosions. Evocative changes in sound climate: there is room for sweet dawns and terrifying hurricanes. Fusion of acoustic and synthetic sounds rather than a search for distinction between the two sources of sound. Influence of free music of jazz derivation? Yes, …… Rarefaction and material density alternate with souplesse. Delight!
matter and seismic relationship

GLEAM – Album and CD
Luigi Ceccarelli – Gianni Trovalusci
electroacoustic instant composition

works by Luigi Ceccarelli and Gianni Trovalusci
Gianni Trovalusci – flutes and sound pipes
Luigi Ceccarelli – live electroincs

GLEAM parte I    12:52
GLEAM parte II.   4:14
GLEAM parte III.  8:41
GLEAM parte IV.  2:46
GLEAM parte V.  10:26
GLEAM parte VI   5:49

digital album, Streaming + Download

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original illustration on the cover: “La clarté I” (2018-19) by Giulia Napoleone
courtesy of Galleria Il Ponte, Florence

Marco Contini production for Kappabit
published by Folderol* – www.folderol.it


from The New Noise – 13/07/2023, by Tony de Martino

GLEAM, Gleam
……. 55 extraordinary minutes of music and sounds: controlled, perfect improvisation, gleam like beams of light in the Hi-Fi space.
……a sparkling music, a continuous internal feedback to compositions in progress, strong or sometimes almost imperceptible sounds, crazy and wise interaction between the two…….. Magnificently sonic, poetic and here I miss the strict definition “Electroacoustic Instant Composition”, because therefore GLEAM is pure emotion, incandescent awareness of the possibilities of sound and – why not? – romantic modern music, finally available on cd …….. “this music is not meant to be listened to but to be listened to within us”. …..

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