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Se Resistere Dipende dal Cuore at Domus Aurea (Roma)

May , 1
Se Resistere Dipende dal Cuore at Domus Aurea (Roma)

Roma, May 19, 2023, 5:30 pm
Domus Aurea
Contemporary Voices in Domus Aurea
guided tour of the construction site of the Domus Aurea and Festival

(if resisting depends on the art)
listening to Amelia Rosselli

by and with Elena Bucci and Luigi Ceccarelli 

on texts by Amelia Rosselli elaborated and interpreted by Elena Bucci
Luigi Ceccarelli performer, live electronics

Andrea Veneri sound direction
Daria Grispino lights, in collaboration with Max Mugnai

produced by Edison Studio, Le Belle Bandiere, Nuova Consonanza, Ravenna Festival

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The ticket can only be purchased online and also includes a guided tour of the Domus Aurea

The result of a long-standing artistic collaboration, the show was born from the reading of the verses of Amelia Rosselli. Starting from the natural propensity of the word to sound, particularly accentuated in the world of Amelia Rosselli, Elena Bucci and Luigi Ceccarelli pursue an integration of the two artistic languages, treasuring the most recent resources of digital technology and sound diffusion. The poetic word therefore represents an opportunity to build a path through the voice, the sound, the rhythmic variations and the improvisations.

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