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Luigi Ceccarelli



Tempo Reale Festival 2014

Sep , 3
Tempo Reale Festival 2014


Firenze, September 27, 2014, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi
Tempo Reale Festival 2014
Ravaglia Ceccarelli+Jacob TV

Luigi CeccarelliQuanti 
for Bb clarinet and pre-recorded sounds of clarinets

Luigi CeccarelliBirdwatching
for base clarinet, bird songs, live electronics and video
video version from Birds
video by Fabio Scacchioli

Bb clarinet and bass clarinet Paolo Ravaglia


………… Two extraordinary musicians in comparison, two ideas of sound and structure, two different concepts but united by the same spirit of freedom of expression. On the one hand the Dutchman Jacob TV,
Luigi Ceccarelli on the other hand, probably the most important exponent of Italian Electroacoustic Music, a school which becomes with him “theater of sound” to all intents and purposes ……………..

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