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Luigi Ceccarelli


Composizione due [1975]

for trombone and five double bass

duration 11'

“Compositione Due” was originally written for trombone and 5 double basses, but the trombone part can be played by any instrument, as long as it can be moved around the hall in the audience.

Five double basses are placed around the audience, with a conductor in the center and play a precisely written score. The solo instrument has a random score, with overall times established for each section but independent of the double basses. At first his interventions are fairly discreet and then gradually become more and more intrusive. The soloist’s function is to disturb the performance, and so he enters and leaves the hall and emits sounds that don’t have much to do with the context of the performance.

The piece was performed in the spring of 1975 in the Pedrotti hall of the Pesaro Conservatory by a group of students of the Conservatory directed by GIampiero Taverna.

download the score of Composizione Due

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